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Wheatland Fireplace your Trusted Saskatoon Fireplace Experts share a Trusted Tip on Stuv Brand Fireplaces

Your first step into the beautiful Wheatland Fireplace showroom will help you understand why Wheatland Fireplace has been given the Thumbs up by Trusted Saskatoon.

This really is where your Saskatoon Outdoor living and Fireplace dreams meet in spectacular surroundings! Wheatland Fireplace Saskatoon is a TRUSTED Saskatchewan company that sells products that make your life better. Wheatland Fireplace services and installs their high-quality fireplaces, barbecues (bbq), grills and smokers from industry leading manufacturers. They love their customers and as a result,their customers love and TRUST them. Wheatland Fireplace are your Exclusive Trusted SASKATOON FIREPLACE store and they are Trusted SASKATOON OUTDOOR LIVING & RECREATION Experts.


Here they share a tip on Stuv Brand Fireplaces:


Stûv 21/105


The Stûv 21/105 is the height of innovation. Through design and technology, Stûv has created a fireplace that focuses on the most essential element: the fire itself.



Stûv 21/85


The Stûv 21/85 Single Face is simple performance and design combined with unmatched elegance. A designer favourite.



Stûv 21/85 DF


The Stûv 21/85 Double Face is one of the most elegant wood burning fireplaces available today. Its sleek and simple qualities are sure to catch your eye.



Stûv 30-compact


Because of its smaller combustion chamber, the Stûv 30-compact is perfectly suited to the smaller and very well insulated homes of today. Most of the stoves found on the market are too big. Consequently, these stoves are too powerful and are not used efficiently: because they burn slowly, their performance decreases and their combustion is not as clean.



Stûv 30-in


Impressive combustion and high efficiency make the Stûv 30-in an ideal wood heating solution, whether it is used as a primary heating system, for back-up heating or simply for enjoyment.


Visit the Wheatland Fireplace' showroom at 625 1st Ave North or see their listing in the SASKATOON OUTDOOR LIVING & RECREATION category. They are your Trusted SASKATOON FIREPLACE Experts! 

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