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Trusted Saskatoon Dental Expert provides a Trusted Tip on Dental Procedures abroad

A Beautiful Smile Goes A Long Way!

Treat yourself to a vacation and return home with a beautiful smile! By travelling to get the dental care you need, savings can be BIG! That is, if you think saving 50-70% on dental is big... Our clients have combined dental treatments with their vacations, and the savings alone have paid for the trip!

On a recent business trip, one of our clients saved over $10,000 when he started treatment for 4 dental implants. Here, in Canada, his quote for the 4 implants was estimated at $20K. Extractions and bone grafts extra. When he combined his dental appointments with travel, the savings were significant, more than 50%! While the first treatment was scheduled at the end of a business trip, the follow up appointment will be leisure. For under $10K the pricing included panoramic x-rays, 1 bone graft, 4 extractions, 4 titanium implants with porcelain crowns, and he enjoyed 10 days with palms trees and room service!

Dental tourism is gaining popularity as more individuals discover exceptional care is available at the fraction of the cost. We offer top quality dental veneers, snap on smiles, laser whitening, crowns, bridges, implants, and restorative work for a fraction of what you would pay in Canada or the US. If you require dental treatment join the increasing numbers of people just like you that are saving money when they combine dental care with a business trip or vacation abroad! Global Healthcare Connections provides your connection to top quality dental care abroad for the fraction of the cost in Canada. We are committed to placing our clients with exceptional dental care professionals in a timely manner and at an affordable cost.




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