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Trusted Saskatoon Contractor and Renovations Expert share a tip on how to keep neighbors happy during a renovation

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Tips for keeping your neighbors happy during your home renovation:

  • Inform your neighbors in advance that you will be renovating your home. Offer them information about the contractor you are working with so they feel confident that you have hired a competent, professional contractor. Let them know what kind of insurances your contractor carries in the case any accidents should happen during the construction of the renovation and offer them the contact information of your contractor if they should have any questions you cannot answer about your renovation.   


  • Consider your neighbor's schedule and take into consideration if they are working from home, have small children, or work shift work. Tell your neighbors about the hours you've set with your contractor so know what to expect.


  • After the first week of construction, it may be nice to touch base with your neighbors to acknowledge that your renovation is an inconvenience to them and bring them some baking or a bottle of wine to let them know you appreciate their cooperation. If the renovation is longer than 3 or 5 weeks, try to continue talking to your neighbors throughout the process. This will give you the opportunity to discuss any grievances your neighbors may have before they become upset over something you weren't even aware occurred. It will also give you a chance to keep them updated on how things are progressing and if you are on track with the project's timeline.  


  • Be clear with terms of your contract in regards to site cleanup. Remember the contract is with you and not your neighbors so if any debris should land on your neighbor's property, it is likely that the contractor will not go on to your neighbor's property to clean it up unless signed arrangements have been made to do so. If that is the case, offer to clean up your neighbor's yard from any renovation debris. 


  • If you live in an area with street parking, have a conversation with your contractor about where work vehicles or dumpsters will be parked and notify your neighbors.  


  • After the renovation is finished, invite them over to show them the finished project as well as toast to them for their patience.  


  • If you should have a difficult neighbor that you know you can never please, as long as you know you were considerate and that you made a reasonable effort, you might just have to have a toast to yourself in your newly renovated home.  


  • A note to those neighbors that complain at the drop of a hat - You never know when you will on the other side of the fence asking your neighbors to cooperate with you through your own renovation. If you made it diffucult for your neighbors, they'll likely repay the favor. 


As always, the BEST advice is to choose a TRUSTED SASKATOON CONTRACTOR / TRUSTED SASKATOON RENOVATIONS expert'll be glad you did!

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