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Trusted Saskatoon Contractor and Renovations Expert answers the Saskatoon Facebook Fan Pages - PART 3

Planning a renovation in Saskatoon ? Trusted Saskatoon Contractors  can help! They offer a wide range of General Contracting services for all aspects of both residential and commercial renovations. Their management team will work with you to ensure that you get the services you want, within the timeframe and budget that you determine. J.A.B.A. Construction is professional, reliable and skilled to transform your space into something a little more luxurious, functional or enjoyable. Talk to the ExpertsTrusted Renovation & Style show Questions PART 3:

Erica Kramer: I currently have very light coloured oak cupboards in my kitchen. The cupboards were this colour when I moved into the house. I would like to redo them in a darker shade, is there a way to do this that is not going to be very expensive and take a lot of time?

A: Erica, I have not refinished any kitchen cabinets yet to make them a darker color. I would recommend you contact a painting company or paint supplier to see if it is possible to go over the existing finish on your cabinets before you get a product to try. Some finishes may not adhere to the existing finish that you have on your cabinets.

Susan Galenzoski: Our home is old, very outdated, needs new windows, etc. Where is the best place to start when on a very limited income?
A: Suzan, I would recommend because of your limited income that you install PVC Windows. You can look at the option of window inserts but they are not that common in what we do. Either way maintenance free PVC windows are your best option.

Trish Planchot-Voldeng: What is the trends now in flooring and coloring in new homes? Should I go tile, laminate, hardwood and are browns still in or another color?
A: Trish, when we design projects we work with the client on products. What I find works the best is setting up meetings at our suppliers using samples and when this happens most of our suppliers have the expertise with their staff to walk through this part. We have also hired designers in some cases to work with us. I find that in what we do it is mostly personal preference with some help. This usually helps with the budgets that are set if that is the case on products. Some products that are chosen can be affordable and still look good. Keep in mind that a paint color can be changed at any time also whereas flooring, millwork, dorcorative products is a great place to focus when choosing.

Larry Hovdestad: I have ice build up on eaves...I suspect insulation, vapor barrier can it be resolved and what are the procedures to stop and prevent mold issues. 
A: Larry, the ice buildup you have on your home is a common thing this year. I have looked at many homes in the past with this issue. As of today I really can’t pinpoint the exact cause of this. I have also looked at a few homes this year with major ice. It could be ventilation in the attic being blocked off. Ex; snow on roof vents.heat escaping into the attic. Blocked soffit vents etc. The winter element’s in Saskatchewan this year are at the extreme and I am sorry to say there is no simple reason for the ice buildup. When ice builds up on roofs it backs up under shingles as it melts and freezes. This causes water problems in some cases inside the homes or buildings. I have been recommending that the snow be removed from the roof to ensure attic /roof vents are not covered and as nature takes its course you have less snow to melt on the roof to add to this issue.

Greg Sakundiak: I have cold air coming in through my front living room window. What's the best way to fix this?
A: Greg, there can be multiple reasons for cold air coming in or around your windows. The first place I would start is by determining the age of the home and the age of the windows. You can also try to remove the casing and check the insulation around the window and the framing to see if it is insulated properly. Insulate this area and reinstall the casing if that is the issue. We have in some cases removed the insulation and used spray foam insulation to fill the void. In some cases we have used a sealant also at the drywall and window frame opening. This can get messy if not done properly. Negative air pressure in a home can also cause air infiltration around windows. This is common in the winter because of the heating ventilation systems in the home also. It doesn’t happen in the summer months because the air pressure is equal in most homes when windows are left open.

Robin Garder: My son started 'renovating' my house about 4 years ago; it came to a dead stop after mostly destruction; but some rooms are partially done. I do a lot of rescue work with dogs of all sizes; ages and breeds. One huge issue I am seeing in my home is materials to withstand the abuse of say a 180 lb Newfoundland dog versus a litter of starving pups with Mom. Floors not standing up; we will not discuss what puppies can do to drywall. I need HELP. LOL Have been living with just a room no kitchen for 4 years; he ripped my plumbing out and then my cupboards without having plan or leaving $$ to replace; then I rescued some special needs animals who's quality of life come before sink or cupboards! I manage; but am hoping that this year I can get kitchen installed and walls up and finished. Any suggestions on what to install or use that will withstand my life choices please!
A: Robin, I will say this is a first for me. There is a drywall product you can purchase that is abuse resistant. Check online for this also. I am not sure if you can make your home totally damage proof with today’s products to with stand the fun dogs have. Most trims are MDF in lieu of solid wood. It will still get abused and chewed by the dogs. I have seen homes damaged like this before but I don’t think it can all be repaired for this.


The flooring issue you mentioned is always a concern with large animals in the home. Most hardwood product will not stand up on the everyday abuse from dogs in the home. The finish will be damaged as they do what dogs do.


I have a large dog also and in my last 2 homes because of the everyday wear and tear on the floor from my dog I have installed good quality laminate flooring. The finish has never been damaged but is saying this the floor is extremely slippery for dogs when they are running etc.


The issue with not having a kitchen and renovations not completed is quite common when owners do these themselves. A lot of people don’t realize the extent of work involved in renovations and they like to think they can save money by doing them themselves. In your case you have to determine what is more important to yourself based on your questions you have submitted. This will all be determined as to the amount of money you would want to spend addressing your needs to make you home more enjoyable, cost sensitive, as well as less stressful.

Jacey Watt: How can I reduce humidity in my home. 
A: Jacey, the first place I would look at is purchasing a dehumidifier to remove the humidity. Then you have to find out the cause of the humidity and correct the problem. Purchase a humidity meter and see what the humidity is in your home and regulate it from that. I have been to lots homes with ice buildup on the windows and people think it is a humidity problem. In most cases it is because the curtains are closed day and night and the warm air doesn’t circulate properly to the glass. The humidity in your home should be approx. 35 percent when you read the humidity ready. Circulating the air in your home is another option with your furnace fan but the starting point is to determine why you have humidity problems. Did you do any upgrades to your heating system or any energy upgrades, Windows, wall insulation and siding, etc? This will contribute to this also.

Rod Hollinger: When doing basement Reno would lament flooring be better than hardwood flooring?
A: Rod, This type of question you should be able to get a correct response from the flooring supplier. A lot of products that we use in flooring we let the supplier decide on the best product for that application. The reason for this is because if you have issues later with the flooring later you might void any warranties if installed in the home. It all depends on the home, age, humidity, normal use. Also the install application you have to factor in when installing hardwood flooring in basements.

Annalee Bruce McSharbite: Is there a certain reno job in the house where you should always hire a contractor because in the end they will have to come in and take over anyway?
A: Annalee, this is a great question. Me as a renovator I wish everyone would hire a GOOD Contractor but that doesn’t happen all the time as we all know. The response I would have to say on this is it would all depend on the capabilities of the persons doing the work. Understanding fully the complete process from start to finish. Dealing with subcontractors, delays, product choices as well as the actual physical work that has to be performed. Some people choose to do a lot of their own contracting and it shows in the end product. The comfort level as well as the stress involved is something that has to be taken into consideration.


Structural items should be done by qualified persons with proper designs and all applicable permits. I have been to many projects where owners choose to do their own work and they ask for help to finish. Naturally they don’t want to spend the money to complete the project and most choose to do it themselves. If you want to spend the time away from work, work nights and weekends to complete a renovation to save money that is a choice you would have to make. Keep in mind if you do the project yourself and someone gets hurt or an issue with a subcontractor; you are acting as your own General Contractor and have no place to turn for help. Also if a sub-contractor has no liability insurance, WCB you are responsible for anything and everything on this if something happens during the construction. 


Most persons don’t realise this but that is all part of the protection we as a company provide to clients. 


It is called peace of mind for you with protection. But in this beware because there are many companies that don’t provide this. They are 1/2ton renovators with no WCB or insurance. 


This is when you make your choice as to hiring a contractor.


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