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Trusted Saskatoon Concrete experts share a tip on How to Hire the Right Contractor


Here they share a tip on Mike's Cheat Sheet: How to Hire the Right Contractor:


1) Slow down

Finding the right contractor and setting up the job will take longer than doing the job itself. If you’re in a rush, put it off.  

2) Educate yourself 

Learn what it takes to do the job right—not to do it yourself, but to know what questions you need to ask and the answers a pro would give you.  

3) Check out references 

And not just 3!! Go see as many jobs completed by the contractor as possible, including projects done years ago. These tell you the performance and durability of their work. 

4) Do a background check 

Make sure they have the proper insurance with minimum liability coverage of $5 million. Call their insurance company to verify their coverage and that it hasn’t expired.

5) Get it in writing 

Before hiring a contractor review their proposal and quote. They should include every detail about the job. If they’re vague, move on.


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