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Trusted Saskatoon Concrete experts answers your Facebook fan page questions

Q: Rachelle Nieman: Do you offer paving stone/brick pavers as an additional option to concrete stamping? With paving apparently, there is no cracking that still happens with stamping?


A: Unfortunately we don’t offer a paving stone option. We have focused our talent and resources on perfecting Decorative Concrete. You are correct that “pavers” don’t crack. They do shift or settle however because they are not reinforced with rebar/steel.


Concrete does have a matte of rebar that holds the structure together. If the rebar is adequately designed the cracks will remain “hairline” cracks. Concrete is often more affordable than pavers.


Q: M Liz Beisel: What is the most popular product for driveways and how long does it take from start to finish?


A: A driveway can be fully installed in a day but generally it takes about 2 days for a regular sized driveway with a walkway. Our most popular decorative concrete designs are a “texture mat” finish which stands out like river bedrock. Another very exclusive design is “Cypress Slate” which looks like quarried slate rock tiles which can be colored/stained.   




Q: Deenna Dekker: How long from start to completion does it generally take for n average driveway …I am assuming the weather is a factor?


A: It generally takes 2 days.


Q: Kim Krivoshein: Do you do round pools? Do you offer resin based products or just concrete? What would you recommend as best option?


A: W Decorative concrete if improperly installed, is extremely slippery. If the concrete has a steel trowel used on it in the finishing process the fine sands and concrete particles are brought to the surface. When an acrylic sealer coats the top the surface it becomes even more dangerous.


Our method keeps the coarse materials at the surface of the concrete. So much so that it has the traction of a grey “broomed” brush finish. Our techniques are so successful that Paradise (pools) and Leisurescapes will only contract with us for pool decks. Chlorine and Saltwater in pools react differently with different material. Of course, we prefer concrete for its traction and its durability. Decorative Concrete requires more cleaning than wood decks but we believe that one would enjoy their outdoor living space significantly more. 




Q: Crystal Gharini: Can I cement over a crumbling driveway or does it need to be completely redone? Please help!!!


A: If it is a decorative concrete pattern it can be restored. If it is a grey broomed finish there are options to restore it although the color match is difficult to achieve. If it is a small repair it will probably last longer than a large repair and prevent the spread of the concrete deterioration. For grey driveways with extensive crumbling, we suggest that it be removed. It is better to invest in new materials that repair older failing materials. I wouldn’t use concrete over older concrete in significant amounts. It will usually crumble off.  


Q: Sean Boyko: What is the cost comparison between your product and brick? What is the lifespan comparison? 


A: We are not experts on Brick paving stones but some generalizations about the industry are they are more expensive compared to concrete. The pavers can have an extremely long life but are more subject to ground movement. Concrete if installed and maintained correctly, should last 20-50 years in Saskatchewan. It might require touchups.



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