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PickNic's Catering your Trusted Saskatoon Catering and Wedding Cake Expert answers your Facebook Fan Page Questions - Part 1

What's the difference between good food and absolutely incredible dining? Fresh, quality ingredients, generous portions, imagination and creativity! From a simple catered lunch with gourmet sandwiches, to a Picknic Box for 2 for a romantic evening in, to a fabulously catered wedding or event, let Picknic's Catering and Fine Foods create something special for you!


PickNic's Catering are known for their wedding cakes. Talk to the ExpertsTrusted Weddings & Events Show - Questions for Nicola - PickNic's Catering and Fine Foods 

Part 1:

Q: Kenzie Hanson: How has the prevalence of food allergies affected your business?

A: Allergies and Dietary Restrictions are a part of virtually every large group catering we do.  We are extremely careful to manage all allergies from cross-contamination, but due to liability issues, we don’t GUARANTEE products to be completely free of all allergens.  We can not control how our ingredients are produced or shipped to us, so we can’t in turn be guaranteeing allergen-free products.  Thus far we have been successful with handling allergies and dietary needs.  Best way for us is labelling items clearly, at events.   


Q: Tynnella Jade TooToosis: Are your services for catering available for out of town Weddings?

A: We are comfortable and properly equipped for weddings within a 2.5 hour radius of Saskatoon. 

Q: Christine Laffey: When having an event what are some key factors into making it a memorable experience for everyone?

A: Bringing in a theme can be a ton of fun to personalize the day, whether you and your fiancé are outdoorsy, into Movies, love the Tropics, whatever it may be, bring it in, add it and even have your caterer come up with some special appetizers or side dishes that encompass your theme. Sometimes it the way the food is presented that can really drive the theme home. 



Q: Joann Polsom Gauthier: What kind of foods would you do for an outdoor/ranch style wedding?

A: Our BBQ wedding catering menu is a great fit for an outdoor/ranch style wedding. By having our on-site servers there to manage the event, is still maintains the classiness of a traditional wedding, with the great grill flavour of fresh BBQ. We can make your event and formal or informal as you desire. 


Q: Brandon Ferland: What if I was planning a semi-goth themed wedding and honeymoon?

A: What type of food and drink could you provide to facilitate the theme. Remember its goth, not Emo or vamp. Sometimes it is not the food, but the way it is presented that can lend the best to overall theme. Using goth-themed Linens to dress up the buffet line, using black bowls to present all the sides to the main. Sometimes we get the best ideas from Google and Pinterest, whatever your theme may be, because guaranteed, someone else out there has done it and documented it. Pick and choose ideas that suit you the best. If you are doing a very specific theme, make sure you have lots of time to plan, as you may be ordering specialty items online and need time for returns etc.  


Find PickNic's Catering and Fine Foods at 210 33rd Street West or online here- or go to their listing in Saskatoon Catering & Bakeries to read all of the wonderful things her clients had to say about PickNics.




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