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Trusted Saskatoon Automotive Expert answers Facebook fan questions - Part 2

Trusted Saskatoon Automotive Experts Talk to experts Automotive show PART 2 

Q: Ann Lyte-Maille: Do just as many women want fast, sexy cars as men?

A: No they just find the man that has one and ride shotgun unfortunately, but there are a few who do their own dream cars.

Q: Marissa April: I own a Canadian based model Dodge Challenger (SXT), I bought this vehicle simply because of that, but it has the automatic window mechanism that they use in sports cars, the window comes down just a crack every time I pull the handle, and goes back up inside the weather moulding when I shut it. When my windows freeze or get ANY amount of ice on them, I cannot get into my car as they are frozen and cannot come down when i pull the handle. Is there any way I can get rid of this problem without having to replace my whole door and window?

A: I guess just scrape it really good, even under weather stripping where bottom of window is.

Q: Stacey Lee: What remote starter should I look to install in my 09 silverado? Any idea how much it would be including installation? Any deals for this currently?

A: Compustar professional line has a lifetime warranty and two year warranty on the remotes. It would start at $400.00 installed + tax for your vehicle.

Q: Codi Corrigan  Are all season tires sufficient? Or is it worth it to get winter tires.  

A: All season is ok, but winter tires may prevent an accident and feels much safer to drive on. Typical winter package is about $700-1200 dollars, same as an insurance deductible.

Q: Ardice Keshane: Ford, Dodge or Chev?

A: Lol, I like ford, but the rest of the staff like gm and dodge. (I have the fastest car though)

Q: Becky Morrison: My boyfriends 2002 grand prix seems to have a fuel gage issue. The fuel gage will randomly go between full and empty. We used a fuel cleaner and that seemed to help for a bit then it started again. Any idea what we can do? The rest of the cluster works so I don't think it's electrical.

A: Probably the sending unit in the gas tank needs replaced.

Q: Jordana RaeAnne Gebert: Why is it so much more to get command start in a Volkswagen? Are there any specific ones you recommend?

A: German cars have a lot of different places in the car that need wires ran, it is hard and takes the same time as doing 4 chevy trucks, so you are paying more because of the labour time not the starter price. We recommend Compustar Professional, our installer owns and installs on VW all the time.

Q: Oceann Lee Zacharias: I have recently replaced the alternator in my Ford Taurus. It was making a squealing noise & ruined my battery. A few days ago the squealing sound came back. Is it possible the new alternator is crapping out or could the problem be elsewhere?

A: Have the alternator and battery tested and inspect your power cables and check belt tension and belt wear.

Q: Kyla Kuffner Peterson: Mice cause a lot of damage, how do you deter them from trying to get in? They have already ruined two air cabin filters, a blower motor, and have blocked off the defrost vent. This vehicle is the one me and my kids use daily.

A: Moth balls or bounce sheets?

Q: Courtney Saliken: I have a brand new vehicle that came with factory remote. As we all know factory remote start is not the same as aftermarket in terms of range. Is there a way around getting a factory remote or two way remote car starter in a brand new vehicle without voiding the warranty?

A: I have never seen new vehicle warranty affected, almost EVERY car dealer installs aftermarket starters.

Q: Jason Johnson: I was wondering if it's worthwhile replacing my wife's factory remote starter. And if so does the factory one have to be taken completely out or are you able to just upgrade what's there.

A: You have to remove the factory starter, but it’s very inexpensive to do so. Then its $400.00 dollars on average to install a new one with 2000 feet of range.

Q: Tara Michelle Winter tires: I'm sold on winter tires. I'm wondering your opinion however on studded winter tires and what their lifetime might be.

A: Depends on the tire and driving conditions. Hard to say. Studs works good on ice, otherwise good winter tires are more driveable.

Q: Tara Bill Greyeyes: Ok so my husband works away 24 days out of month and we see him for 4 days on time off. Now I’m stuck dealing with everything!! I think our van will need spark plugs, which are the best quality? Also to replace a windshield where would you recommend going?     

A: A platinum plug from Bosch will work best. Windshields I do not do.

Q: Kelly Mykytuk: I'm looking into getting a remote starter for my SUV a 2008 mercury mountaineer, which brand of starter do you recommend. Roughly what's the cost including instillation for the type you would recommend?

A: Compustar professional, and it would be $400.00 installed+tax


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