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Trusted Saskatoon Automotive Expert answers your Facebook fan page questions - Part 1

Trusted Saskatoon Automotive Experts Talk to experts Automotive showPART 1

Q: Trish Planchot-Voldeng: What is the coolest car you have ever worked on in your shop? What would be your pick of cars?

A: 2012 Camaro SS, with twin turbo and new motor making over 1000hp on pump gas.

Q: Chris Spence: Is it better to run higher octane in the winter time?

A: no, always run your recommended octane from car manufacturer. The fuel company change formulations from season to season to keep vehicles running correct.

Q: Janette Korinetz: My husband has a remote car starter in his vehicle and heated seats, I have neither in my vehicle. He parks in the garage and I park outside. Do you think he is underutilizing his remote , over emphasizing his wife's good nature , or just very guarded with his garage boundaries there ? Thanks for your anticipated response gentlemen!

A: maybe you should trade vehicles? Or come down and get heated seats and a starter installed in the cold car.

Q: Abolfazl Majid Rezai: Why does it cost more to get remote start for manual transmission installed.  Isn't manual transmission vehicle cheaper so shouldn't remote start for them also be cheaper? Thanks

A: Safety,  we don’t want your car driving away, so we spend an extra hour hooking a sensing wire onto the emergency brake and clutch pedal to make sure it cannot drive away. Its only$75.00 extra

Q: Kaitlyn Nicole Taylor: What's a good gift to get a man that's in to cars but buys everything he wants?                                  

A: Something for the garage, neon sign, stools, clock. We have a Christmas catalog as well.

Q: Jill Taylor: I have heard that the cost of installation for remote starters ranges based on different vehicles/models- why is this? Also, what should I be looking for when purchasing a remote starter?

A: Different cars take longer than others. 50-70% of the bill is for labor or time taken, some cars take an hour or two while some take 6-8 hours.  When purchasing a remote starter, look for a  store that been in business for a long time that has a mechanic doing the installation, not someone that has taken a mobile electronics course of 2 months. Mechanics usually have scan tools in case the starter interferes with the car, avoiding you a trip to the dealer. All connections should be soldered and buy a quality starter with a lifetime warranty not an extended warranty because the product is not very good. A store that gives you the final price with all parts and taxes up front.

Q: Whitney Tran: I recently had a car starter put in. I have two fobs for it. Both brand new. The distance on them are quite far to reach when trying to start my car. But majority of the time it won't work. Even if I'm like a foot away even to unlock my car. Both have brand new batteries. Do you know what's going on? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this problem!

A: It sounds like it is broken and needs fixed, contact whoever installed it, any reputable shop will look after it for free if it only a couple years old.

Q: Debbi Gola: Do remote starters eventually wear out and need to be replaced? My remote starter is only 5 years old - but doesn't work as well as it used to - it doesn't always start on the first try and it seems that I have to be within 50 yards of my vehicle in order to start it. It never used to be like this - is it time to replace it? 

A: Remote batteries need replaced every year or two to keep optimum range. Everything wears out, but usually it will just stop working altogether.

Q: Carmaine Erman: Is it true that I can't put a remote car starter the Mercedes I'm getting? That seems criminal!!

A: No its not, just so many people do not have the knowledge or resources to do it successfully. We do them all the time. There are a couple models that won’t accept them, but most will. The cost on any german vehicle is more, typical Mercedes bill is 1000-1300 dollars.

Q: Calvin Yury: My car stereo in my Infiniti no longer works. I replaced the cd changer twice and each time it stopped working after about a year both times, just past the warranty period. I took my car to the infiniti dealership to get it fixed, so it was replaced with the same model as the original cd changer. CD's can't be inserted or ejected & they won't play. I was able to still get radio when the CD changer went, but shortly after that it just randomly stopped working all together. I have no volume & on my car computer I cannot get into the audio settings. I was always able to get into my audio settings before, and now when I hit the "enter" button it won't let me into this menu. The volume worked that morning when I went to work, then after work when I started my car & turned on my stereo, no volume. I miss my music. Help me!

A: If units keep failing I would guess there is a problem with the vehicles wiring. It could be not much to have it checked or could be quite a lot, I doubt you will get anybody to quote on a solution. Maybe an aftermarket unit would be the most affordable and reliable solution.

Q: Brenda Compton: Is it really worth getting Nitrogen put into your tires? What are the benefits of it?

A: Nitrogen doesn’t change pressure with the temperature as much as atmosphere air, but remember the air you get at the gas station is 78% nitrogen, so not a huge difference, except really hard to get. Not really worth it if it costs anything.  


 Q: Kathy Peters Hamm: Why when it gets colder than minus -15 and colder my van stalls when stopping at lights and stop signs?  It is a 1998 dodge grand caravan sport no one can figure this one out.

A: I would guess the IAC (idle air control) valve needs replaced. When you let off the gas pedal, its supposed to take over to keep engine idling.

Q: Brandi Rae: Whats causing my 2004 GMC Envoy to burn so much gas? I changed the spark plugs and air filter, that didn't help at all.

A: They are not a good vehicle for gas mileage to begin with. You could try changing the fuel injectors or flushing them, otherwise, it’s probably just the way it is. 


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