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Trusted Saskatoon Automotive Expert answers Facebook fan questions - Part 3

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Q: Kyle Gunderson: Is there a specific remote start recommended for manual transmissions? Preferably one you don't have to engage before you get out? My current one you have to set when you park it but if you go into the car it disengages, is there one that can at least remain engaged if doors are unlocked?  

A: The compustar professional is the best, but you still can’t open the doors after getting out with the vehicle running. 

Q: Kristy Nelson: My husband has a Honda Fit and I have a Honda Odyssey. His remote starter starts my Van. My remote starter does not start his car? What gives!?  

A: Some remotes are dual vehicle capable, some are not. 

Q: Lindsay Curtis: How do I choose the perfect car starter for my car? Is the highest price always the best quality? What brand would u recommend and why? 

A: Compustar professional is the best quality and warranty you can get. If you come in and discuss your requirements the staff will set you up with a perfect remote start that will meet all your needs. 

Q: Jennifer Christian: What is your recommendation on what to do about a car starter that mysteriously stops working. Does performance plus troubleshoot these issues?  

A: We charge a 92.00 diagnostic fee which gives the technician an hour to figure out and fix if possible or quote the necessary repairs. 

Q: Sari Nunweiler: Is window tinting illegal or is it still possible to get some/any tint?  

A: It is legal on all windows except side and front windshield. 

Q: Brenda Compton: When buying tires and rims for your vehicle, what is the safest range to going bigger or smaller? Its hard finding tires the exact size 255/70R18, what are my options. I have a jeep I want it to look good!     

A: Most people go larger, the only unsafe part is anytime a vehicle is higher it can roll easier, but most people have no issue with this. There are many sizes available that would make it look better.Q: Courtney Saliken: Besides the practical aspects of owning a truck box cover are there actual fuel reduction costs by owning one or the mesh back cover instead of the tailgate? If so, which design or models are better? I am looking for a truck cover and notice there are many different styles out there. What one is best for practicability, affordably yet still looks good and fairly easy to install?  

A: Most popular is the truxedo, they are about 500.00 and look the cleanest. There are no printed or verified mpg gains, but many people feel they do better with than without. 

Q: M Liz Beisel: Do manual transmissions need any additional attention during the winter season as compared to an automatic transmission?  

A: No, they are good year round and require no warm up. 

Q: Laura Ellis: As a Jeep owner, some models are known to be a bit more "tippy" than others. What is the maximum lift that you recommend for these types of vehicles?  

A: There is not a certain amount that will make them tip over, so the more you lift, the less stable they will be. 4” is common, but some people will do up to 12”, obviously not very useful at that height though. 

Q: Annalee Bruce McSharkbite: I have a factory car starter and whenever I use the command start in the winter it resets my sirius radio which was also factory installed. I have asked Sirius and my dealership about this and they replaced the radio and it is still happening. Do you think this is a common occurrence or improperly installed car starter? 

A: I think it is installed incorrectly as a pair and if reinstalled with attention to the matter would not do this.  

Q: Jennifer Lindenbach: I'm looking at getting a remote starter for my car. With the cold Saskatchewan winters, what brand(s) would you recommend and why, and which ones have the best range to start the vehicle (ie: how far away can I be from the car and it will start)? Thanks!!                     

A: We recommend Compustar professional because it has the best warranty and is the cleanest installation. You can start your car up to a mile away or use the cell phone add on which lets you start your car from anywhere with your smart phone.

Q: David Wilson: What performance parts could a person add to a vehicle which will not only enhance performance but improve fuel economy?  

A: Keep in mind cost effective because not all of us can have jacked up cheese ball trucks! Cold air intake and a power programmer would do both and only cost $700.00. 

Q: Diane Fontaine: My question is about remote car starters....I was told that my car 2006 Chevy Optra can't have a starter due to the alarm and door system why is that? 

A: I would have to check with the installer, but can’t see why the factory alarm can’t be bypassed. 


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