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Trusted Saskatoon Air Quality Experts share another great tip...How is your Air Quality?


How is your Air Quality?

There are numerous benefits to having an environmental assessment done to your home. A certified Canadian Indoor Air Quality Investigator will come in and do a complete walk through of your home, going over all aspects of your indoor environment. A CIAQI expert will look at everything, even the venting that comes into your home – to ensure it is adequate and that it’s providing enough fresh air into your home. Our detailed investigations are always documented and we provide a detailed report which speaks to the environmental conditions in your home such as temperature, humidity, mold/mould spore count and much more. 

If and when air sampling is required, CIAQI offers the ability to do a wide range of air sampling – there is hardly anything we can’t sample. If we find that you home requires more ventilation or fresh air, we offer consulting services. Having documented the upgrades required to your home, CIAQI will guide you through your improvement project and help you find a qualified contractor. If Mold/Mould remediation or asbestos abatement is required, we can also offer our consulting services as we have many years of mold/mould remediation experience and have access to Saskatchewan’s best remediation and restoration contractors. 





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