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Trusted Saskatoon Air Quality Experts share a tip on Household Products


great tip on Household Products: 

You’d like to think your home or office is a safe place. Yet most people’s homes are filled with potentially dangerous substances. These include oven and drain cleaners, laundry powder, floor polish, paint and pesticides. Even arts and crafts supplies and yard care products can be hazardous.

Several household products can harm children, pets and the environment if not used and stored correctly. Toxic substances in these products can cause harm if inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin. People respond to toxic substances in different ways. At high doses a toxic substance might cause birth defects or other serious problems, including brain damage or death.

To avoid these problems, keep products in the containers they come in and use them exactly as the label describes. Seek medical help if you swallow, inhale or get products on your skin.







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