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First Time Homebuyer

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial and lifestyle decisions you will make, so it pays to make an informed decision by first looking at the main disadvantages and advantages of Homeownership. A mortgage broker will assist you with the entire home buying decision and process - right from the moment you decide to buy your home to the moment the movers carry the first box through the front door!

Let me walk you through the important highlights you will encounter through the step by step process. Knowledge of what happens when, including the costs involved, will ease any unexpected pressures.

By Choosing me to be your SASKATOON MORTGAGE BROKER You can expect professional step by step guidance through the home buying process including the following:

• Understanding the Mortgage Products available on the marketplace and what product would best suit your family's financial circumstances?

• Knowing what documentation must be provided to obtain a mortgage approval.

• Customize Your Mortgage - Making sure your mortgage works for you.

• What costs exist over and above my down payment?

• Who is involved in the home buying & market mortgage process including: your Mortgage Broker, the Realtor, the Home Inspector, the Lawyer or Notary and the Insurance Agent! Below are some key points to consider;

• Knowing what you can afford

• Rate guarantee up to 4 months

• Ensure all credit approval documentation is in place sooner than later

 No cost with no risk and obligation

Open vs. closed mortgage 

 Length of repayment (amortization) - up to 35 yrs

Term of mortgage

Conventional vs. high-ratio mortgage

• Assumability and Portability

• What documentation is required for different income types i.e. salaried vs. self-employed

• Verification of down payment including the amount, history and source

Lowest rate or cash back

Fixed rate vs. variable rate (or both)

• Payment frequency

• Pre-payment privileges and penalties

• A detailed breakdown of costs will be provided so you have NO surprises

• Other costs could include: Legal fees, title insurance, fire insurance, home inspection, possible appraisal, etc

Find Trusted Saskatoon Mortage Brokers here by clicking here is the SASKATOON DIRECTORY of Trusted experts...yet we are MORE than just a Saskatoon Directory, we are a growing library of resources across many many categories.
Stay Trusted my Friends SAFE and TRUSTED SASKATOON Of course...always PURELY POSITIVE! 
Tip provided by Tamara Mezzo- who was a Previous Trusted Saskatoon Mortage Broker    
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