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Are you nervous about meeting with a financial advisor?

Many of our clients have told us that it was difficult for them to make that initial first appointment. Naturally, we think we are easy to get along with, so we wanted to know the reasons that made them hesitate.

When we listened, we found that there are basically 4 main reasons:



1) Fear of the Unknown

If you have never worked with a financial advisor, you just aren’t sure what will happen. This is what we do: We explain exactly the type of services we provide to our clients, we explain how we get paid, we explain the products and companies that we work with and then discuss our process. We talk about our client’s current situation and what their goals and dreams are. We don’t charge for the initial consultation. If you would like to proceed, we then set up another meeting to discuss your individual plan that we have developed on your behalf and then proceed to implement your plan. We are happy to answer any questions along the way because it is important to us that our clients learn along the way.


2) Afraid to be “Sold”

We all have the same fear of being “talked into” something that we don’t need, whether it is buying a car, a computer, life insurance or investments. Our goal is to make sure that every decision is based on our client’s needs, goals and understanding. We know that a long term relationship is based on trust and education. We want client relationships – not transactional customers.


3) Should be able to do it on your own

There is so much information, people think that they should be able to do everything themselves. However studies have proven over and over again that working with a financial advisor not only increases your long term wealth but definitely increases your peace of mind.

4) Embarrassed about your current financial situation

Sometimes people look around and wonder why they aren’t further ahead and that maybe they don’t have enough assets to meet with a financial advisor. No matter what stage of life you are at – starting a plan is the most important aspect of financial planning. We find great satisfaction is developing a plan for each of our clients that sets them on track to their financial goals and to help them overcome any obstacles along the way.


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