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Trusted SASKATOON CONTRACTOR and RENOVATIONS Expert share a tip on Ice Build Up!

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Here they share a Tip on Ice Build Up:

Ice build up on your roof, Water damage in your home. I have looked at numerous homes this past few weeks and when you are driving around look at some of the homes. It can be dangerous to persons in that area. 


How do I get rid of it is the common question. This year for some reason with the amount of snow and the type of winter we have had the ice buildup is causing water infiltration into the homes. Can this be stopped is another question. Nature has to take its course.

What I am finding out is that when the snow on your roof melts the water follows to the overhang ( soffit area) and then it freezes again because of the different temperature on your roof. The water then backs up under the shingles. (yes under the shingles) and then flows into the walls and ceiling areas of your home. Some homes react differently than others and I havent figured out why yet.

The advice I have asked my staff to give is that you have to remove the snow off your roof first. The less snow melting on your roof is less ice buildup. We have looked at electric heat on the roof. Some have asked about salt on their roof (might damage shingles). Remove the snow first but be carefull! Make sure you are tied off so you cant fall!!


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