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Trusted Saskatoon Contractor and Renovations Expert answers the Saskatoon Facebook Fan Page Questions - PART 2

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Kori Black Whelan: My husband and I were thinking of solar panels for our house. Do you know what products are available, best rated and decently affordable at the same time?

A: Kori, this question I would have to ask you to contact some of the different companies that deal in solar panels. I would have to contact companies that would be able to advise me on products. Do your research online and there should be contacts for this.

Adele Bandet: Hello my question is about allergy and prevention,My husband and I have three son's, two of the three have cold induced urticaria, we were told that if they are sleeping and the boys bodies get too cold they could slip into a coma . My question is how do you make sure the heating is equally distributed through out your home? We have placed plug in electric fire places in their rooms- but I'm so fearful about a fire starting, so at 2am I run in and turn it off, and then at 4am I turn it back on so it doesn't over heat, every night my children are all younger -ages 9,7,5. Thank you for easing my mind, even if I don't win a prize could you possible just answer my question, an answer to this is worth far more than a prize of any kind. 

A: Adele, I am not sure if I can answer your question properly. I do ask if you have looked at consulting with a mechanical contractor if there are any settings to keep your home at the constant temperature all the time. You can also look at electric baseboard heaters. In floor heat mats that are controlled by a thermostat. These are just some suggestions but I do wish you luck in this situation.

Shawne Yona: what would you recommend for redoing the siding on a house....stucco or vinyl. It is currently vinyl but has discolored and has a couple of places with cracks. 

A: Shawne, the exterior of your home is all personal preference. We have done both applications, Vinyl or stucco with maybe some decorative stone on the front. There are also many different types of sidings that you can look at. The most affordable is vinyl siding. There are different types of stucco applications also. With any exterior renovation you can also look at upgrading your insulation, windows etc. It is a good investment to upgrade the exterior especially with an insulation upgrade also. When you decide on the products you can also upgrade your home on the front decoratively to give it street appeal.

Kyla Kuffner Pterson: Hi, what is the best way to take wallpaper off that had that special wallpaper glue from the 70's?
A: Kyla, I have looked at many homes with the wallpaper application you have mentioned but I have never removed any because of the glue used in the 70’s. In my conversations and research I have done on this I have only come up with removing the drywall and replacing it. I have also mentioned to go over the glue with a quality primer and skim coat the home with a drywall mud compound. I really can’t say what the proper technique would be for this but maybe someone else can offer a solution.

Miranda Young: Question - when buying a new home, what are the first things to consider before renovating? Are there any tell-tale signs of when it is not a good idea to renovate?
A: Miranda, when people look at a purchase of a new home they always think about the things they can do after they move in. The amount of the new home plus the cost of a renovation right after doesn’t work in a lot of cases for financial reasons. I would recommend that you start at the 2 most expensive areas of the home which are the kitchen and bathrooms. Windows, doors exterior are the next areas to look at. The cosmetic items like painting and flooring can be done over time at a leisurely pace. The other areas I mentioned can become expensive, stressful and can’t be left ½ done after you start.

Rachel Wollf: My husband and I are doing major renovations throughout our 1970s home - We're currently working on replacing the flooring, although this leads to many other questions about the layout of the home in general. We have a wall between the dining room and the living room and were wondering on whether or not it would be a good idea to remove it entirely. My question to you is: when is it a good option to look at removing a wall to make the floor-plan more open?

Neils Thor: What is the cost of putting in geothermal heating after you have built your house?
A: Neils, I have geothermal in my home when I built 3 years ago and I do like it. The cost difference for geothermal was one thing I looked at when I built. It was substantially more than a natural gas system (furnace). In saying that I do like my system.

I would recommend that you contact companies that install geothermal systems in homes and get pricing.

Bruce Volden: When renovating an older house, where is the best place to spend your money if you are on a limited budget?(Wiring, plumbing are all good.)

A: Bruce, Depending on the age of the home and if the electrical and plumbing are all good then I would recommend planning to upgrade the exterior envelope .windows, doors, Insulation. I would then if those areas are ok look at kitchens bathrooms and cosmetic upgrades to the home.


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