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TRUSTED SASKATOON brags about KARI CALDER a SASKATOON REAL ESTATE EXPERT now has waiting lists for most of the 40 categories on the directory, saavy businesses in Saskatoon are realizing that TRUSTED offers a unique and positive way to position themselves in the marketplace in a cost effective and innovative way.  

This in itself puts the Trusted team in a position that most ' advertising companies' cannot relate see we don't sign up and endorse just anyone! We are restricted to a maximum 3 options in the 40 categories we service ...and only allow 1 banner ad per category of business..this is so we can offer the best options and service to the public. What this means, is we are looking for specific qualities in our Trusted Partners that are non negotiable ...They MUST commit to upholding the Trusted guarantees, conduct themselves in business with integrity and they must be prepared to commit to the level of active engagement with the public that being Trusted demands.     

The SASKATOON REAL ESTATE category is the longest wating list by far.....42 Saskatoon Realtors have contacted Trusted or been nominated by others to be on the directory and I am excited to tell you all about the realtor who has made it through the Trusted process with flying colors and who was nominated several times by happy clients!

 KARI CALDER of Century 21 Fusion,

Kari Calder  is the 2nd agent from Century 21 to be given the Thumbs up, and both Marla Janzen and Kari Calder share many traits...the most important being that they put their clients needs above their own in all they do!  

Kari Calder loved the idea of Trusted from the get go, as it fits into what she looks for when she deals with businesses herself the other Trusted Partners , she had been running her business on the Trusted Principals long before we came along and thats why she has seen so much success in the 5 years she has been  a SASKATOON REALTOR

The decision to enter the real estate industry was a very natural and obvious one for Kari, as she has been involved in real estate most of her life. Her parents started investing in Saskatchewan real estate from the time she was 12 & Kari helped out with these Saskatchewan revenue homes in a very ' hands on' manner! From insulating attics to shingling roofs, she was there learning, helping and do-ing... which makes her more knowledgeable than your average Saskatoon real estate agent. At 17 years old she also began managing their properties, which has given her the inate ability to understand the Saskatoon revenue home market.

Kari comes across as very easy to relate to, and she is brimming with easy confidence, which may come from the global travel she did on her own when she was in her mid 20’s. On her travels she met and befriended people from every walk of life and as a result she's able to connect with almost everyone she meets no matter what their situation, which is a strong asset in being a successful Saskatoon real estate agent. She loves Saskatoon and of all the countries she has traveled she firmly believes that Saskatchewan born and raised people are amongst the friendliest and accommodating people in the world.

Kari Calder  is driven to succeed, and has won many outstanding perfomance awards in the relativelty short time she has been a Realtor for Century 21..and she has a pile of testimonials from happy clients...this only adds to the reasons that she is a great choice when it comes to choosing a Realtor in Saskatoon! Combine that with her previous experience in customer service, marketing, and event coordination and you understand why she really was made to be a realtor! 

Kari Calders aim is to make the experience of buying or selling a home in Saskatoon a successful and pleasurable one....and she is committed to being 100% involved in Trusted and what we do for her tips and resources coming soon is a link to the blog she did about her status as a Trusted partner..which she is very proud of! has 3 truly WONDERFUL Saskatoon Realtor options and if you click on the Trusted Tips for Real Estate   you will see how active and committed our Realtors are in HELPING make your life easier!





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