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Crestview Auto TRUSTED SASKATOON TIRE and AUTO REPAIR EXPERT shares a Trusted tip on Vehicle Maintenance

Let's face it, most of us do not think about the tires on our vehicles until we run into a problem....and that problem may be a major inconvenience at best; an accident at worst. Having your vehicle serviced by people that you trust is an absolute must. Let Don and the highly trained technicians at Crestview Auto Service work with you to make sure your vehicle is ready for the road.

Crestview Auto Service is your Trusted Saskatoon Tire Expert and they also offer full Auto Service and Repair in Saskatoon

Here Don Klassen shares a Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair Tip!

Why does one person’s vehicle operate better and more efficient than another persons when they have exactly the same vehicle? Although our driving habits come into play, most importantly is how we maintain our vehicle. Are we proactive with maintenance or are we reactive, meaning do we have regular inspections and servicing to avoid surprises or is servicing done past the time or mileage it should have been done because we think we are saving money by putting it off. It has been well documented by government agency’s and private industry that being proactive with vehicle maintenance and servicing will save you allot of money (over 43% in some studies) compared to putting it off. The old saying of pay me now or pay me later is very true. Each vehicle comes with a maintenance schedule designed to keep the vehicle operating properly over the life of the vehicle. But what does the life of the vehicle mean; properly maintained vehicles can be very reliable and provide virtually trouble free driving for 15 and even 20 or more years. Maintenance schedules are perpetual and repeat themselves at various mileage and/or time intervals, they do not end, and go on for the life of the vehicle.

By definition, vehicle maintenance is flushing and changing fluids along with servicing components before they have a chance to negatively affect the life of the component they are protecting or they cause wear to other components on the vehicle. In other words change or flush the oil, antifreeze, brake fluid etc. before it is worn out and causes component wear or failure. Replacing struts and shocks before suspension components fatigue and fail due to excessive movement. Replacing the accessory drive belt before it breaks and causes engine overheating and damage.

Keep in mind that repeatedly stretching the maintenance intervals will have a compounding effect, as components wear they begin to wear faster and faster causing you to spend more on repairs than you would on maintenance. This “stretching the maintenance” includes using the “normal” schedule if you should be using the “severe” schedule. Your owner’s manual has “normal” and “severe” maintenance schedules, but how do you know which one to use? When you read the “fine print” in the owner’s manual it will very likely lead you to the conclusion you are in the “severe service” category. This is almost never talked about when we go to buy a vehicle because it adds to the cost of ownership.

As a general rule stop and go driving such as city driving, short distances that do not fully warm up the engine and transmission etc. to burn off contaminants in the oils, trailer towing, hot or cold weather (think winter and middle of summer) all point to severe service driving. Keep in mind, people that have well maintained vehicles get to choose when they get a different vehicle and often will change vehicles just to have something different, not because they have to. These people enjoy shopping for a new or newer used vehicle, without the pressure of feeling “I have to buy a vehicle today because mine is broken”.


Find Crestview at 24, 23rd Street East  or online at - they are a fullservice Saskatoon Tire and Auto Repair & Service business and they can be found on the Saskatoon Directory under TIRES SASKATOON    and Auto Repair & Service Saskatoon they are your TRUSTED SASKATOON TIRE and AUTO REPAIR EXPERTS

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