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TRUSTED SASKATOON FURNACE & DUCT CLEANER answer Frequently Asked Questions!

Here they answer Frequently Asked Questions: 


How often do we get our ducts cleaned?


It is recommended to clean your vents every 1-2 years.

Reasons to have your vents cleaned more often than 2 years:

- Recent Renovations
- You have Allergies or Asthma
- You dust all the time

How do you price out the cleaning process?


Pricing is based on the size and type of home for Residential with additional options that benefit your home. Want a quote? Call or email us.

Commercial pricing depends on the type of job and usually requires us to see the space first.

What is included with my cleaning?


Each cleaning is All-Inclusive:

- All heat registers
- All cold air intakes
- The main hot and cold trunks
- The furnace area (including the A-Coil if you have air conditioning)

Do you use a portable duct cleaning system?


Yes, our primary cleaning unit uses a powerful combination of compressed air and vacuum suction. Brushes can be utilized but is not usually necessary, see below.

Do you use a brush during the cleaning?


We can. This is an option you choose in addition to the basic cleaning. However, some cleanings only can be cleaned with our Rotobrush system…ask us if you are wondering.

Do you use a camera to inspect the cleaning process?


Absolutely. Caliber uses a camera that has the ability to take before and after pictures of the cleaning process. This will ensure that everything has been cleaned properly and gains Client Confidence.

Why disinfect? Is it SAFE?


Sanitizing will significantly reduce dust mites, allergens, mold spores and many other contaminants that circulate throughout the ductwork.

The disinfectant is a plant-based environmentally friendly product with only a mild odor.

Why clean my dryer vent? Can a dirty dryer vent be a fire hazard?


Clothes dryers account for almost 16,000 fires annually in North America, resulting in numerous deaths and injuries.

Lint build-up in the dryer vent creates a potential fire hazard and reduces the overall efficiency of the dryer.

Dryer vents should be cleaned once a year to ensure maximum efficiency.

What type of commercial cleanings have you done?


Examples of commercial cleanings are:

  • North Ridge Developments – Ongoing cleaner since January 2010
  • Riverbend Developments – Ongoing cleaner since July 2010
  • New Way Construction – Cleaning since December 2010
  • Colliers McClocklin – Various Commercial jobs: dryer vents, etc. Ongoing.
  • Ramada Hotel – floors 3-6, bathroom exhausts – November 2009
  • Wireless Age/Cash Store/Fitness Solutions – November 2009
  • Dundurn Army Base – Kitchen Wings – June 2009
  • Areva Resources, McClean Lake, SK – Dorms A, B, & D – October 2008 & June 2009
  • And Much More…

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