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Trusted Saskatoon contractor expert share a Tip on Decks

Things to Consider Before Tackling a Deck Project in your yard

Building a deck is an easy way to create a usable, comfortable outdoor living space for you and your family. Wether you are dining and cooking in the fresh air, sunbathing in your lounger or resting in the shade of a Summer awning enjoying the seet smells of Summer, a deck project delivers enormous value and enjoyment practically all year round.Add a  fire pit and you can even enjoy time on yourdeck long into Fall. Enjoy Winter by brushing a path way to your hot tub on the deck and cool off like Scandinavians by using the snow. Lets face it, Summer just isn’t the same without fun on a backyard deck. Be cautious however, as building a deck the right way is important.

Here we share a few tips on making the most of that deck ( and avoiding the pit falls too!!)


1) Traffic on the deck

You deck is really an outside area of your home . Consider where it directs you into the backyard, and we always think it's a great idea to design your deck with stairs and even railings ( for safety!) , but do go for a open feel that doesn't block that lovely view or the access routes in your yard. A multi level deck looks amazing and really creates al fresco 'mini-rooms', that can be used for different purposes....ensure you think carefully about the size of the areas required so it is really useable space.


2) Think about maintenance

Composite and vinyl deck products are fashionable right now – and there are  many great reasons for this. If you had a deck that didn't require staining or additional protection then the appeal is very easy to see! Composite deck products do JUST that, although they do cost sometimes double your common treated wood. Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and termites, but over time it will fade to an ugly gray if not treated and stained on an annual or bi annual basis ( dependant on weather and traffic flow). Treated lumber is chemically altered to resist rotting and pest damage, and doesn't need to be further treated unless you want a different look/ color. Whichever material you choose, be sure that it compliments that rest of the house and yard area, and that you consider how much TIME you have to maintain it!  

3) Do you want shade?

You should plan to have at least one area of shade on the deck, for you and your guests to escape the hot Sun we get in Saskatchewan Summertime. Wether you decide on a roof over a portion of the deck, or perhaps a motorised or manually retractable awning be sure to make it big enough for a few poeple to sit under comfortably. Another option is a gazebo which you can hang with fabric and netting, keeping those pesky bugs out when you want to enjoy the warm evenings on your deck without getting bitten to death...they also serve as great dining areas!   



4) Building codes really DO matter

Always apply for a building permit when building a deck is very important, or you may end up having to tear it down !!The permiot process will ensure that the construction of your deck follows the local building codes,   which are meant to protect your family. You certainly don't want the issue of whether a building permit was attained or not to come up when you are selling your home or obtaining house insurance, so be safe and start your deck project right. Ask your Trusted contractor ( if you are using one) for advice and they should be able to help out!




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