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Trusted SASKATOON CARPET CLEANING GUYS our SASKATOON CARPET CLEANER expert, shares a Trusted Tip on what to do with your Carpet STAIN!

The Trusted Saskatoon Carpet Cleaning Guys are a locally owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience in the SASKATOON CARPET CLEANING industry. You can rest assured that you are hiring quality and expertise when you give “the Guys” a call! As they always say .."Professional Carpet Cleaning for Particular People" and the only Saskatoon Carpet Cleaners ' Given the Thumbs up' by Trusted Saskatoon!

Here Hal McGinnis the owner of   CARPET CLEANING GUYS shares his second Trusted SASKATOON CARPET CLEANING Tip


The key to cleaning carpet stains is to act immediately...and honestly if it is really bad stain like red wine or grease you should call a TRUSTED CARPET CLEANER asap, as we are the experts and have the equipment and knowledge to know how to deal with the results of any carpet accident! 

The longer you wait to remove carpet stains, the more time the stain has to set or to further embed itself into the carpet fibers.

When cleaning carpet stains, always blot a wet stain. DO NOT RUB- Rubbing not only causes the stain to spread and penetrate deeper into the carpet fibers, but also weakens the carpet fibers and may create a worn area.

If a spot is dry, loosen then vacuum the excess dirt away prior to moistening it.

If your stain disappears and comes back again, your carpet is a victim of "wicking." (Wicking is when liquid that has pooled around the bottom of a carpet works its way back up the fibers to the top.) To prevent this, cover the stain with a thick towel and weigh down with a heavy object such as a book or a brick.

If you are trying to remove a difficult stain from your carpet, and the first treatment fails, let the carpet dry before you try something else. You'll have a better idea how much of the stain remains once the carpet is dry.

Be aware that not every stain can be removed.

Also, when taking out stains, always use a white cloth to prevent color transfer and thoroughly rinse the cleaned area since excess cleaning products may cause the area to attract soil.

DO NOT use Oxy products as they contain bleach, you may get rid of the stain..but then will probably be left with a patch pof carpet that is lighter than the rest!


In conclusion ..the best things to do is to throw lots of White paper towel onto the stain as soon as possible, then blot the liquid away ..then call in a Trusted Professional Carpet Cleaning company to swee what they can do!    


Check out their Online reviews here or look over their very comprehensive listing under SASKATOON CLEANING SERVICES on the Saskatoon directory, they are your SASKATOON CARPET CLEANING experts!


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