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Trusted Saskatoon Gym -Fitness Test of DEATH- The Trusted Challenge Part 2

A local gym  challenged Sara Wheelwright the Trusted Directories founder to work with them to achieve her personal fitness goals, which she accepted. Sara will be working with a Personal training expert for the next 3 months and sharing her experience ( the good and the bad ) each week as she goes though the pain and hopefully comes out the other side fitter, healthier and happier!

Here is her 2nd installment  be sure to follow along on her journey for the next 3 months ( read them all here )  ..maybe it will inspire you to take the first step on your journey t

So, after finding out that 33.8% (or just over 1/3) of my body weight is made up of FAT in the Personal assesment interview the next part was to find out how fit I am ...and Tim told me that he has made up his own fitness test to evaluate just that! 

The reason for the Fitness Test is so Tim can see my endurance level ( Stamina) , all over body Strength  and my Flexibility-

The TRIO of Strength , Stamina and Flexibility are the components that you need to work on to achieve a good level of overall fitness- all 3 need to be worked on to look and be your best!  

The fitness test allows any personal trainer) to do a few things and he explained them to me:

A- Record where my  starting point is on day 1 of the challenge .. so even if I am not seeing a difference on the scales - he can show me areas I have improved upon from day 1.

B- To work out where my strengths and more importantly , my weaknesses lie , so he can tailor a program specific to my needs.

C- As I have to do the fitness test every 6 weeks he can continually monitor and tweak the program in response to achieve the best results.

I was NOT looking forward to this as I knew it was going to be tough ...I was told me not many people finished the test in the 40mins allowed, but I convinced myself that I would do what I had to do to get through it , after all it was just 40 hard could it be? 



See for yourself how I did didn't look that hard when Tim showed me the moves first...

After just 15 minutes into the Fit test, about a 1/4 of the way through I had to stop as I felt weird, dizzy and lightheaded, I sat down, drank water and tried to gather myself but I was seeing stars.  Tim was great and halted the test, he said he found out what he needed to know from my reaction and how I had perfomed in the test so far.

He also shared that he had past clients puke after the 40mins, but that most people couldn't do it on their first attempt wasn't created to be easily do-able! PHEW..I felt a little better about my pathetic performance! 

Then he asked me how much I had eaten that day...

Thing is, I don't ever feel hungry first thing in the morning , so I skip breakfast most days and just have a coffee- that day I had only eaten a small bowl of soup and a garden salad for lunch at 12.30pm , I hadn't drank much water and the reason I nearly passed out was because I hadn't eaten more than 400 calories all day and then attempted an intensive workout at 3pm after doing virtually nothing physical for 18 months -oh and I am not the young and fit 25 year old that could have gotten away with that 13 years ago... what an idiot I am !  

Tim told me I have to commit to changing how I eat ....

Based on my gender and height I need a minimum of 1400 calories / day  spread out evenly throughout the day - (every 2 to 4 hours)

I MUST eat breakfast ( a protein shake at least) within 30 mins of getting up.

The days I train I need to eat 3-400 calories more than my case calories of 1400 - or I am losing muscle along with the fat...

Muscle = TONE ....and everyone looks and feels better TONED rather than stick thin.    

In the image below the healthy and toned woman on the left is what I aspire to be ..not the waif  girl on the right.

The fitness test happened on Friday and I woke up sat am feeling quite sore,  on Monday I still ached all over ( especially my abs and my butt - darn  sit ups and squats! ) and I wasn't looking forward to my 1st actual personal training session at 2pm that afternoon!

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