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MARLA JANZEN a Trusted SASKATOON REAL ESTATE Expert shares a Trusted Tip on winterizing your home

Marla Janzen is an award winning SASKATOON REALTOR she takes action to sell her client's homes and find them the perfect new place to live while negotiating the best terms and price possible. She loves what she does and takes great pride in providing excellence in customer service to all of her clients. She is one of our TRUSTED SASKATOON REAL ESTATE EXPERTS listed on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY and loves to provide Trusted Tips that help the public!


Well we got our first snowfall.... If you haven't already started to winterize your home here are a few tips to get you going. Of course somethings you can't do now as there is snow on the ground but in the off chance it melts ....get out there and get it done!

20 Tips TO Get Your Home Winter Ready



1. If you own a snow blower, check that it’s working and doesn’t need any maintenance.

2. Check the roof’s shingles for holes, rips, rot, or possible leaks.

3. Mow the grass one last time and then winterize and put the lawn mower in storage.

4. Check your gutters/downspouts and clean them out if necessary.

5. Drain and pack up the garden hose.

6. Turn off outdoor taps (faucets) to prevent them from freezing and bursting.

7. Put away lawn ornaments.

8. Put deck furniture and other summer items in storage.

9. Have the chimney cleaned.

10. Ensure your outdoor steps are slip-resistant and if need be, apply a coat of slip-resistant paint or other material.

11. Trim or cut down any large tree branches.

12. If you’re one of those people who leave their Christmas lights attached to the house year-round, now’s the time to check and replace any burned out or faded bulbs. If not Hang them up now before it gets any colder.

13. Dig the snow shovels out from storage and keep somewhere handy (you never know when you’ll wake up late for work and there’s 5 feet of snow on the ground!). While you’re at it, might as well get all the snow toys out and ready to.


14. Check windows and doors for drafts and apply weather-stripping or caulking as needed to help reduce heat escaping and cold air entering your home, saving you money on your electricity bill.

15. Replace your old thermostat with a new programmable one. This also helps with comfort levels and energy savings.

16. Dust, vacuum, or wipe down your baseboard heaters.

17. Ensure your home is well insulated (check the attic and basement).

18. If you have older windows or single pane ones buy some plastic that puts another layer over the window.

19. Check the furnace is working, isn’t due for maintenance, and clean or replace the filter if needed.

20. Check or replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.


Then off you go and enjoy the warm weather somewhere else for a while!



Find Marla Online at   she is a Century 21 Fusion Realtor Sakatoon based at 703 Circle Drive, Saskatoon..or checkout her listing in REAL ESTATE SASKATOON here on, Marla Janzen is TRUSTED SASKATOON REAL ESTATE EXPERT.

Stay Trusted my friends..SAFE AND TRUSTED SASKATOON


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