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 Passion Parties by Koni Cherry, - The Ultimate Girls’ Night In®
Having a Passion Party is a great way to experience the ultimate girls’ night in. You’ll giggle, you’ll learn and best of all – Koni will show you ways to spice up your love life. Plus, you and your guests can earn FREE products. All you have to do is get your friends together –Koni will  take care of the rest!
Here are some more Passion Tips to enhance you lovelife!

Passion Tip 11

Everyone needs to take time for themselves. Whether it’s going for a massage, getting a manicure, or just a long bubble bath with no one knocking on the door. With everyone relying on you for so many things, you need to be at the top of your game. I’m not saying you can’t go full throttle, but even vehicles need to refuel when their tanks run empty. Try to take time at least once a week to re-energize yourself. Your friends, family and co-workers will thank you for the more easy-going mood you will find yourself in after you get a chance to shed off some of that tension. Crawling into bed at the end of the day, you may not just be thinking solely of sleep anymore, but a little bit of excitement between the sheets before slipping off into dreamland in your honey’s arms. So make sure to schedule pampering time in. Even go so far as to write it on your calendar. The less worn out you feel at the end of the day, the more intimate you can feel. Passion

Tip 12

From all the Passion Parties I have done, one thing keeps coming up from the woman’s point of view and I feel it necessary to share it with you. More often than not, I hear this comment from the women, so I’m sending this out to mainly the men There is one surefire turn-on for every woman out there that seems so non-sexual it doesn’t usually cross the man’s mind. That gentlemen is “house chores”. Whether it’s a homemaker cleaning, cooking and taking care of everything with the kids or a working woman, the one thing that seems to never end is housework. Nothing is sexier than a man willing to pitch in and work side by side with their honey until the job is done. Men, this can work as a bonus to you too because if your honey doesn’t have so much to do before bedtime, she may just have a little more energy once the lights go out. Not to mention that it will be fresh in their minds how helpful you were all evening and they will be in a much better mood than usual. You can even make a game out of it. Call it “sexy chore night”. Have a rule that chores that night are to be done wearing “special outfits”. This can range anywhere from shirtless to naked. (Making sure that if children are awake, the attire isn’t too risqué). If you take the “sexy chore night” route though, you just may find that some of the chores don’t get completed so try to get the most important ones out of the way first.


Passion Parties are designed to inform and educate women through tasteful in-home presentations where you have an opportunity to experience sensual products specifically created to enhance your romantic relationship. Best of all, you’ll have a blast in the process. If you’re ready to take your intimate life to a whole new level, Koni has JUST what you need.

Hosting a Passion Party is both free and fun, and as the party hostess, you’ll be rewarded for your time and effort. What have you got to lose? Book your party  with Koni today by calling - 306-2296510 or email:
You must be at least 18 years old to host a party.
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