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Costa Rica An Abundance of Beauty and Cutting Edge Medical Practitioners! See the image of Clinic Biblica San Jose, Costa Rica below...

When seeking health and dental services, people connect, compare and communicate to book the services of the best healthcare practitioners in locations all over the world. Regardless of the type of medical procedure you require - from major surgery to dentistry to cosmetic improvements - there are multiple medical travel destinations that you might consider, but ultimately, the destination choice is entirely yours to make.


COSTA RICA: An Abundance of Beauty and Cutting Edge Practitioners! With its majestic natural splendour and warm climate, Costa Rica has become a rapidly popular destination for medical tourism with a wealth of high-grade medical facilities, world-class medical professionals and a World Health Organization acclaimed healthcare system on par with Canada and the US. Costa Rica's Hospitals and International Standards of Care offer an abundance of cutting edge practitioners, general health professionals and specialists, with western-standard facilities and high-grade hospitals accredited by the industry standard Joint Commission International. Popular medical specialties include cosmetic surgery, dental, orthopaedics, multiple sclerosis treatments and bariatric surgeries associated with permanent weight loss. It is a favoured destination for medical tourism because of its positive reputation and top eco-tourism destination.

Consider the following healthcare facts: The World Health Organization ranked Costa Rica's health system as one of the top three Latin America countries, ranked even higher than United States and New Zealand. The World Bank ranked Costa Rica as having the highest life expectancy, at 78.7 years. This figure is the highest amongst all countries in Latin America, and is equivalent to the level in Canada and higher than the United States by a year. Costa Rica the Country Costa Rica is located in Latin America. Costa Rica’s capital is San Jose with a population of 2.1 million people. The currency used in Costa Rica is the Costa Rican colon. While having a population of 4.5 million individuals, Costa Rica is an extremely diverse country governed by a democratic republic. Costa Rica’s environment contains everything from dormant volcanoes, rainforests, tropical beaches, and mountain cloud forests. One of the country’s greatest attractions is its beautiful natural environment which holds wildlife refuges, private reserves, and national parks such as Manuel Antonio National Park. Costa Rica offers something for every kind of traveler. Vacationers can enjoy activities such as surfing, snorkelling, rafting, hiking, canopying, and zip-lining. Environmentalists can enjoy the wide array of tropical plants and animals that Costa Rica has to offer. Language Costa Rica’s official language is Spanish with English being the second most commonly spoken language. Religion Roman Catholic 76.3%, Evangelical 13.7%, other 6.8%, none 3.2%. Climate In Costa Rica the rainy season goes from May to November, while the warm dry season is from December to May. Since Costa Rica is a very diverse country different regions have different climates year round. In the Central Valley the region has spring like climates year round, while the coastal regions enjoy much hotter and humid temperatures.

Clothing It is important to pack the proper clothing for the right time of year when visiting Costa Rica. Lightweight cottons and linens are great for the majority of the year, although waterproof clothing is essential during the rainy seasons.

Mobile Phones In 2010, Costa Rica’s electricity institute came out with Costa Rica’s first prepaid cell phone. Email You can access e-mail and internet while visiting Costa Rica through internet services that is available at most of Costa Rica’s leading hotels. Cyber Cafes are also becoming popular at many of Costa Rica’s tourist attractions.

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