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SASKATOON CLEANING SUPPLIES Trusted Expert shares a Tip on cleaning your floors

How much do you know about the cleaning products you use in your home every day? With a growing trend of all sorts of products making "green" claims, it is now harder than ever to be sure you are making the best choice.

Are you damaging your floors when you wash them?

Did you know that if you do not use the exact mixture specifications on a lot of store bought floor washes you could actually be damaging the finish and reducing the life of your floor considerable? How many people do you know that actually measure exactly? I don't know anyone that keeps a measuring cup with their cleaning supplies!! Ha! Me included! Oops! That's why at Envirowise we try to keep it simple for you ... with multiple choices of floor cleaners ... and everything is pH neutral so that if you glug glug too much you still can't hurt your flooring. And some of our products - although they can be used for multiple purposes - are designed for specific floor coverings. If you have hardwoods or laminates you are going to love our Ultra Wash!

It has a beautiful light orange scent and when used correctly is fabulous for this flooring in an 80 to 1 mix. And you DO NOT mop a hardwood or laminate flooring!! That is - if you want it to keep it for the normal life of the product! Mix our Ultra Wash in a trigger sprayer and lightly mist over small areas and polish with a microfibre mop. And please be sure never to wash your microfibre using fabric softener - and NEVER dry it in a dryer - or you just turned those microfibre clothes into regular rags. You'll enjoy a beautiful streak free finish with Ultra Wash!


For your regular lino or tile floors our Mint Neutral is the direction we send you. Also a neutral pH floor wash - and you guessed it - a nice light mint scent. For multisurface flooring and general cleaning, including walls and other hard surfaces, neutral pH cleaners are the best way to get good results without any potential damage to your flooring. We also have a neutral pH floor cleaner with a light lemon scent, as well as one called SNAP that offers you a light strawberry scent and the bonus of a quat disinfectant in it as well. SNAP is a very versatile product and can be used just about anywhere when you are looking for that extra disinfecting option. Just remember that with SNAP you do need to be careful with your mixture as this product is very concentrated and glug glug measuring could result in a very soapy floor. When in doubt just stop in at the store and ask one of our experts about which floor soap is the best alternative for your situation. We're there to help!!

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