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How much do you know about the cleaning products you use in your home every day? With a growing trend of all sorts of products making "green" claims, it is now harder than ever to be sure you are making the best choice.


Stop Struggling With Those Stains ... We Have the Solution!

Why struggle with stains? The first thing to know about stains is it is important to catch the stain BEFORE you dry it in the dryer. It is definitely worth a quick look through your clothes before you pump them into the dryer. Once it has been through the dryer the stain has set and it increases the challenges to remove it greatly.

We continuously get inquiries regarding problems removing stains from your laundry and carpet and we have excellent stain removers that will save you lots of stress and keep those favorite pieces of your wardrobe wearable in public or save that furniture or carpet from being replaced or putting up with the eye sore! One customer was having issue with a wine stain on her dress and that definitely requires the use of our STAINS FREE product. Stains Free will remove most organic stains including coffee, sweat, urine, blood and yes even wine! Simply prespray your stain and let the product work for 3 to 5 minutes before putting through your normal laundry cycle. In most cases that is all you need. Stubborn stains may need to be lightly scrubbed or even just let soak longer in Stains Free.

For those of you who have the accidental spill of olive oil on a nice dress shirt, or a spouse or child that gets grease and oil on their clothing - this task requires the use of STAINS OUT. Stains Out will take on the bigger challenges of oils, grease, butter, grime, lipstick, grass, and ground in dirt. You will fall in love with this if your weekly laundry ritual is constantly hitting these types of stains! Same procedure as with Stains Free.

Both products can be used on whites and color fabrics! And these products are not exclusive for use in your laundry either! Use Stains Free or Stains Out for stains on your carpet and furniture as well. But with the wide range of dyes used in the wide variety of fibre products on the market - be sure to test the products on an obsure area first to ensure color hold. And for your carpet or laundry, our GUM & TAR REMOVER is also an excellent stain remover product for any stains that are petroleum based - grease, oils, etc.

And by the way, using our EnviroWash laundry soap as part of your regular laundry routine can help you as well. There is stain fighting ingredients in this product to deal with most normal type staining issues. Over time it has actually been successful in making old set stains dissappear.

For set stains or aggressive stains on whites only, we also have a product called White Knight. You can use this in a presoak to help get to those nasty stains - even some set stains - but this product can only be used on WHITES ONLY. You can also use this as part of your regular wash for whites simply by splitting your normal laundry soap amount in half and use half EnviroWash and half White Knight.

If you have any questions or concerns of the type of stain you are faced with call the store and they will be very happy to direct you into the right solution!


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