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Trusted Saskatoon Home Builder Expert have a Trusted Tip on PINK WOOD, what it does and why you want it!



Helping to Provide Healthier, Safer Homes for Families Wood is a fantastic building material. It is lightweight, strong, economical and renewable. It is however, very susceptible to fire. Add to this the growing number of cases involving mold found in homes due to moisture being trapped in the building envelope, and you can see why PinkWood is the smart choice for today’s homes. PinkWood uses a revolutionary, factory applied coating process, designed specifically to provide a visible and effective barrier against fire, mold, fungus and rot. These are not the things you think about when you are building your dream home. All PinkWood building products are coated with PinkShield™, a non-toxic, environmentally friendly technology. PinkShield™ coated products resist the growth of mold and rot fungus while providing added fire protection to your home through the use of integrated fire retardants.


PinkShield is a non-toxic protective coating that when exposed to flame, creates an endothermic reaction that significantly slows the time to ignition of the coated material and decreases the rate at which the fire spreads. PinkShield's chemistry is specifically designed to inhibit the growth of mold while at the same time reducing moisture absorption and improving weatherability. PinkShield additives meet all the categorization criteria set out by the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.


Fire protection is one of the largest issues facing the building industry today. PinkShield addresses the issue, as it contains specialized fire retardants designed to reduce the chance of fire starting and slows the burn if a fire does start…. Jason Campbell was a Fireman before he started Campbell Homes, and he knows what a difference Pink wood makes for the safety of the family inside the house..and the fireman who attend house fires…..the key in success when it comes to a house fire is TIME…..with normal home fires you have 15 mins tops before the structure is beyond saving… this protects property and lives! For healthier, safer homes - trust PinkWood and protect the things that matter most.


During the construction process, building products are exposed to moisture in the form of snow and rain. The PinkShield coating used on PinkJoists encapsulates the wood components, helping to repel water in order to protect the structural integrity of our products during the construction phase of homes.


Recent research has proven mold contamination in homes is associated with an increase of serious health issues ranging from allergy symptoms to severe respiratory damage. The PinkShield coating technology used on every PinkJoist effectively prevents the growth of harmful molds, making homes healthier places to live For healthier, safer homes - trust PinkWood and protect the things that matter most.!



Stay Trusted my friends Safe and Trusted of course

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