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Computer interesting news update!



Here they share a interesting news update:

"We Can Rebuild Him..." 


This is sort of creepy and sort of cool—par for the course with advanced AI technology. There is apparently enough advancement in the field of synthetic human body parts that a creation can be christened a “functioning bionic man.” Not unlike many humans waking up on a Sunday morning, he is only technically human, remaining upright and active as long as all the biologically correct processes are occurring within him, with the elusive traits of character and personality notably absent. 

Jokes aside, these types of progress reports have massive implications on the future of health and physical rehabilitation. The thing has properly operating synthetic organisms! Pancreas, kidneys, flowing blood, and of course a beyond-wax-museum surreal face. Uncanny valley to the utmost. BBC has a documentary on it which I assume, if accompanied by the soundtrack to Strange Days, is likely to have me staring up at the sky as a camera spins around me, questioning what “human” means. 



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