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Why Do I Need To Find A Qualified Administrative Assistant?

Most employers think that an entry level employee is all they need for an Administrative Professional. Whether it’s a receptionist, administrative assistant, or other front line employee these are the people who keep the business running smoothly.

Most employers don’t realize what kind of skills are critical for front line business personnel. One of the biggest mistakes employers make is hiring someone not suited for the position. Who would you rather encounter at a store? Jane who is rude and can process your purchase in 15 seconds while throwing your new sweater in a bag and getting you on your way, or Rose who takes 30 seconds but is a genuinely friendly person who takes the extra time to fold your sweater and place it in the bag? Most people can work a cash register if shown properly. Not everyone is pleasant, friendly and takes care and pride in their job. Can anyone answer the phones and do the filing? Anyone can “complete” the job but how many can do it right? Have you tried to juggle 4 phone calls at once, handle a courier at the door and then get that stack of filing done? These are everyday challenges faced by many administrative professionals.

How many times have you tried to locate an invoice or report and couldn't find it because of filing error? It’s very frustrating and can cause unnecessary stress for everyone. Other struggles in the front office are lost calls, incomplete telephone messages, misfiled information, vague instructions and bad communication. There are ways to manage these problems without firing the person and going through the arguous process of finding the perfect person for the job. But how do you get this done without taking YOUR time away? You may already have the perfect person, they may just need training or help to accomplish goals.

Our Customer Service Training includes the following:

• Telephone and Electronic Mail Etiquette

• Mail Distribution

• The Importance of A Professional Image

• Message Taking

• Document Control

• Professional Presentation of The Company

• Customer Service For Front-End Professionals

• Client Relations

• Vendor Etiquette

 Goal Setting

• Workload Management

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