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SASKATOON COMPUTER experts on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY answer a FB Fans question


Elden Dutton asked us " What do all the specifications really mean when buying a computer/laptop?"  

Pardeep the friendly and not so nerdy guy from Bridge City replied in REAL refreshing to us ' Tech -less' heads!  

" Hi Elden..we get these kind of questions EVERY DAY....and hope our explanation are simple and help you out!" 

Installed memory. The more installed memory your laptop has, the more applications (stuff) you can run at once, and the better your machine will perform.

Processor. The CPU determines how quickly a notebook runs applications and performs on-screen tasks. Intel i3 and i5 are good choices, things to consider here are cache size speed (Ghz) and how many cores. Generally a Multi core Processor will translate to more speed ..more speed is good for movies and downloading!

Screen size. The specified size of a laptop's LCD screen represents a diagonal to watch movies/play games..get a bigger screen!

Hard drive. The larger the hard drive, the more data you can keep on your laptop. There generally is 2 speed of hdd available 7200 rpm or 5400 rpm.  7200 rpm spin faster and would offer faster access times

Optical drives. Most manufacturers offer laptops with rewritable DVD drives, or drives with Blu Ray capability These are the Primary components to consider when making a laptop purchase....

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