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Western Carpet One Has Been A Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Store For 10 Years

In this series of articles, we are shining a spotlight on the Trusted Saskatoon Partners who have been with us since we launched in 2011. We want to thank them for TRUSTING our team, and we are recognizing each of them individually for providing 10 years of OUTSTANDING service to the citizens of Saskatoon and the surrounding area! In this latest article, we celebrate and recognize Western Carpet One Floor & Home - a Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Store!

We are pleased to celebrate Western Carpet One who has been a Trusted Saskatoon Flooring store for over 10 years!

The business was started by two young entrepreneurs who wanted to give people in Saskatoon great advice and outstanding service when shopping for flooring. Those same values from 47 years ago still hold true today, as David Roden, David Epp, Justin Bussiere, and Adam Brown, all co-owners, emphasize as their company culture. When talking to David Roden he always mentions that any great and successful business starts with its people. It’s that simple! Their team members, no matter what their role in the company, all contribute to their client's satisfaction, and this amazing culture is lived every day in their staff which has grown over the years to 24 today. This is truly a testament to their decades of success as being one of the top flooring stores in Saskatoon, not only because of their great selection, or amazing customer experience but because of their caring team members.

Their HUGE showroom offers a comfortable shopping experience for all types of flooring including carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile! Your Western Carpet One Floor & Home store is about more than just great-looking floors. Why? Because they offer the 'Beautiful Guarantee' that means you can shop with the confidence of knowing that the flooring you buy will look absolutely stunning in your home. If for any reason you're not happy - they're not happy either! Simply let them know and they'll replace it for FREE! That's just one more way your Western Carpet One Floor & Home flooring store goes above and beyond, after all, "customer service" is in everything they do!

Everyone remembers their tagline, “Beautiful Made Affordable”. Well, that is important to the team at Western Carpet One, as they are able to purchase the best, most beautiful flooring, hardwood, carpet, and tile on the market, but at the same time pass on their buying power of a large group, all while being local and independently owned. Their roots are here in Saskatchewan just like their customers! So contact them today, they’d love to help you!

“I have been a customer of Western Carpet One since I moved to Saskatoon, and have always been impressed with the selection, the staff, the service, and the commitment to community support. I have known David Roden, who everyone will recognize as the ‘voice' of the Western Carpet One radio ads since I was his radio rep in 2006. I know that he and his team truly care about this city, and they strive to be and do their best every day. Part of being trustworthy is offering consistent excellence, Western Carpet One lives up to that expectation as standard, and I am very proud to promote and support them.” 
- Sara Wheelwright, Trusted Founder


Western Carpet One is also consistently giving back to our local Saskatoon community through their Carpet One Cares initiatives supporting local charities and non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity, local Food Drives to support various groups, a yearly golf tournament, and gift card draw to support local family-owned restaurants. They are proud to support breast cancer research through Welcome-a-Cure, their exclusive Pink Ribbon Welcome Mat collection that has so far raised over $1 million across North America!

Thank you, David, and your team for providing 10 years of AMAZING service to the citizens of Saskatoon! In the last 10 years, Western Carpet One has been re-checked, re-verified and mystery shopped multiple times, and each time they pass with flying colours. They continue to be one of the top-rated flooring stores in Saskatoon and have always upheld our 5 TRUSTED GUARANTEES of service for their 10 YEARS as Trusted Saskatoon Partners. 

Western Carpet One Floor & Home is a 10 Year Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Store! 

When the Trusted Saskatoon team gives a business the 'Thumbs Up' it really means something!! So continue to use and recommend to FIND GREAT LOCAL BUSINESSES YOU CAN TRUST like Western Carpet One Floor & Home!

Trusted Saskatoon was founded on the principle that great local businesses deserve the promotion. We know they are out there, we have found many already, and we work hard to find more. Please help us by nominating your favourite Saskatoon businesses here.

Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Store Western Carpet One Floor & Home Mystery Shop!

Being a Trusted Business on the Trusted Saskatoon Directory of Excellence comes with a lot of responsibility - no other directory, advertising companies, or 'watchdog organization' puts businesses through the ongoing process we do before we promote and endorse them. 

Why Choose a Business On the Trusted Saskatoon Directory? 

All of the Trusted Saskatoon partners have to pass a unique verification process, they are then annually contracted to uphold our 5 Trusted Guarantees. The partners then become part of a local community of Saskatoon and area businesses that we promote with a strong local marketing campaign. We also have a Trusted MYSTERY SHOPPER PROGRAM. This is where we find and engage with normal everyday people, just like you, who are looking for products and services in Saskatoon and area. We approach individuals we can see are looking for a local business and we ask them to mystery shop Trusted Saskatoon Partners. Those that agree to be Trusted mystery shoppers go about their usual business, except at the end they fill out a report to tell us about the experience. We then share it with you! 

The Trusted Saskatoon team is thrilled to reveal the Western Carpet One Floor & Home Mystery Shop Report. 

Mystery Shop - Western Carpet One Floor & Home

Name of Shopper: KK

1. What was the appearance of the store/showroom?

The showroom is very impressive and I was surprised at how much space and choice I had. 


2. Product/industry knowledge of staff? 

The sales staff were very helpful and guided me to the best flooring options for the basement reno we are doing. 

3. Was the quote well laid out/clear? 


4. Overall experience 1-10


5. Would you return as a customer/recommend them to a close friend?


6. Did anyone stand out as exceptional? 

Everyone was helpful and friendly - I was impressed that my sales guy was also the installer! Our space has been transformed and the flooring was such a big part of that - we went from beige carpet to this awesome Vinyl plank product 

Please share any other comments relating to your experience with the company. 

"The installation was great and done very well. Overall, I was happy with my experience and would return."

CONGRATULATIONS on a successful mystery shop, Western Carpet OneWe are thrilled to have such amazing flooring retailers like you on our Saskatoon's directory of excellence!

Western Carpet One Floor & Home is a Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Store!

Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Pros Western Carpet and Hardwood in Saskatchewan

Western Carpet One Floor & Home is a locally owned and operated flooring store servicing Saskatoon and area since 1974. Their stunning showroom offers a comfortable shopping experience for every type of flooring. Whether it is Carpet, Hardwood, Ceramic Tile, Laminate flooring, Cork, Sheet vinyl, or area rugs, you will find it at Western Carpet One Floor & Home a Trusted Saskatoon Flooring StoreIn their latest Saskatoon flooring tip, Western Carpet discusses how hardwood is a good option even in Saskatchewan's harsh climate. 

Being a business owner in the beautiful Province of Saskatchewan, I am very familiar with the extreme weather challenges that we face throughout the year. Although we are extremely resilient as a society, our homes, and the products we put in them may not always be.

A question we get quite often is “Is hardwood a good option in our climate?”

The answer is YES - but under the right circumstances. The truth is hardwood is a natural product that requires a specific temperature and humidity level to be maintained throughout the year. This can be difficult to manage in Saskatchewan with our very dry winters, humid summers, and rainstorms. Squeaking, gapping, cupping, delaminating, and splitting are all real challenges that present themselves if the right steps are not taken. With that being said, there is a way to put a beautiful hardwood floor in your home.

Why and how hardwood can be a great option in Saskatchewan:

  • First and foremost, nothing can replicate the beauty, feel and texture that a real hardwood floor can provide.
  • As a granite counter-top can increase the value of your home, so can the flooring you choose. Hardwood instills a value to your property that no other floor can provide. If you look at a realtor’s fact sheet, they will almost always point out if the flooring is a hardwood which creates a real and at times perceived value.
  • Maintaining consistent humidity in the home is a must. To do this you need to have a high-quality humidifier installed on your furnace which allows for humidity to flow through your home as the furnace is running. We also recommend running your furnace fan throughout the summer to help with airflow and reduce humidity levels.
  • Hardwood flooring has evolved over the years. For example, solid hardwood is less and less a requested product in Saskatchewan with the trend moving towards engineered hardwood. This type of hardwood provides more stability and resiliency in our climate along with longer and wider board lengths.
  • The installation of hardwood has also evolved. When a hardwood floor that is wider than 5” is installed, using a glue assist method is a requirement by most manufacturers (here at Western Carpet One, we will do it on all 5” or wider boards for ALL manufacturers). Using a specific type of construction adhesive, a bead of glue is applied under the wood that creates another layer of stability.
  • Not all hardwood flooring is made equal. We recommend purchasing your flooring from a reputable retailer that provides reputable brands. The fact is you get what you pay for - as in any industry there is always someone willing to try and make a product cheaper. In many cases to make something cheaper requires that something gets left out. The construction of a quality engineered hardwood is a craft that requires much skill (BUYER BEWARE).
  • As not all hardwood is created equal, not all installations are equal. The knowledge and skill of a professional hardwood installer cannot easily be replicated. I recommend choosing a reputable store that can provide you with a warranty and peace of mind that your flooring will be installed as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

In closing, seek professionals to educate, recommend, and install your hardwood flooring. If done correctly you will have a floor that is natural, beautiful, and timeless. If you are looking for a knowledgeable sales team with top-end products and experienced installers for your next hardwood project then please consider our team at Western Carpet One.

Justin Bussiere - Owner/Operator of Western Carpet One

Western Carpet One Floor & Home is a Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Store

Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Pros Western Carpet One Flooring Replacement Through Insurance

Western Carpet One Floor & Home is a locally owned and operated flooring store servicing Saskatoon and area since 1974. They are a full-service flooring store. Their stunning showroom offers a comfortable shopping experience for every type of flooring. Whether it is Carpet, Hardwood, Ceramic Tile, Laminate flooring, Cork, Sheet vinyl or area rugs, you will find it at Western Carpet One Floor & Home a Trusted Saskatoon Flooring StoreIn their latest Saskatoon flooring tip, Western Carpet share information on the insurance process when it pertains to flooring. 

It's important to understand the process and what to expect when dealing with a flooring replacement through your insurance. 

When you have an insurance claim, your insurance company will send a sample of your damaged flooring away to accurately determine the value of your replacement product. This testing is done by a company called ICC (Insurance Claim Collaborative Inc). 

Once this evaluation is done, it is important that you visit an approved ICC flooring retailer to help facilitate the process of replacing your flooring. Approved ICC flooring retailers, such as Western Carpet One,  have specific guidelines to make sure you receive fair replacement value and to protect you from receiving an inferior product. Approved ICC flooring retailers are committed to servicing the unique needs of the policyholder by providing the best service and customer satisfaction commitment. A long-standing relationship between the flooring retailer and ICC and a closely measured performance criteria ensures top quality service. 

For more information on insurance flooring replacement, contact Western Carpet One! One of their insurance team members would be happy to assist you. 

Western Carpet One Floor & Home is a Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Store

Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Experts at Western Carpet One Share 6 Basement Ideas and Design Inspiration

Western Carpet One Floor & Home is a locally owned and operated servicing Saskatoon and area since 1974. They are a full-service store offering no charge estimates and full installation on all flooring products. A newly expanded stunning showroom offers a comfortable shopping experience for every type of flooring. Whether it is Carpet, Hardwood, Ceramic Tile, Laminate flooring, Cork, Sheet vinyl, or area rugs, you will find it at Western Carpet One Floor & Home a Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Store. In their latest Saskatoon flooring tip, Western Carpet shares finished basement ideas.

Basements can be tough rooms to decorate. They usually just turn into a random storage place with boxes, unused items, and holiday decorations. Let's change that and make it a room you would actually enjoy living in. Here are some of our favorite basement design ideas.

Basement Idea #1: Playroom

If you have younger children a playroom is the perfect basement design idea for your home. Keeping all of their toys and games out of the way and in a neat and organized fashion creates a great use of your finished basement space.

Basement Idea #2: Game Room, Bar, or Theater

If you have older kids a game room or home theater may be a more functional basement design idea. A game room or theater is not only going to be fun for the kids but for you and any guests that come as well. These ideas are ways for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy themselves, relax and let out some stress. A game room doesn't have to consist of much. It can be as simple as a pool or Foosball table. Having a bar close to your game room would be a perfect place to entertain and enjoy each other's company. With a large screen with comfy seating right in the same area, you will be all set to let loose, watch a movie, and play some games.

Basement Idea #3: Wine Cellar

If you are an avid wine lover, then this finished basement design idea is the one for you. Having a place to house your wine collection is a great way to make use of your basement space. Wine can take up a lot of room if you have enough of it, that is why having a way to store them all like with class refrigerated cabinets or wine racks will certainly come in handy.

Basement Idea #4: Home Office

Do you work from home but are lacking a dedicated room? Or do you simply need a quieter space to keep up with household bills? If your answer is yes, then a home office is the ideal basement design idea for your home. A corner space allows you to get creative with your basement office design, while a nearby filing cabinet keeps all your paperwork hidden and organized.

Basement Idea #5: Home Gym

If you are someone who works out you may want to invest in your own personal gym. Finished basements typically offer ample space making it the ideal place for large pieces of exercise equipment and allowing for room to move freely no matter what type of workout you prefer.

Basement Idea #6: In-Law Suite

If you are someone who has your in-laws or guests over regularly but is currently limited on space, converting your basement into an in-law suite would be the best way to use that space.

Western Carpet One Floor & Home is a Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Store


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