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Saskatoon Bathroom expert tip on How to Achieve an All-White Bathroom with Bold Accents

Here they share a tip on How to Achieve an All-White Bathroom with Bold Accents:


All-white bathrooms are those with white fixtures such as the toilet, shower, sink, floor, wall, etc. One way to make a big statement in a small room is to add a vibrant shower curtain. The great thing about shower curtains is they can be replaced easily at your convenience. Changing the color of your shower curtain to correspond with the seasons is a great way to make your bathroom seem updated throughout the year.

Hanging a dramatic picture in an all-white bathroom is another great way to give your bathroom a burst of color. A way to save a little money is to find a picture hidden in the attic, or perhaps ask your child to draw a picture, frame it, and hang it in hopes to add some personal significance to the bathroom. What it lacks in artistic merit, it will have double of in sentimental meaning and “cute” factor.

Bath mats are another opportunity to add accent to an all-white bathroom. The great thing about bath mats is that they come in all different colors and patterns, and are relatively inexpensive, so you could rotate a variety of them to change the feel your shower set-up.

Integrating texture and dimension is a way to spruce up the bathroom without really adding any color at all. Wainscoting is one way to add dimension and an element of contrast to your bathroom walls. Also consider opting for a more textured bathtub, vanity, or backsplash if you’re keeping it white. Those decisions to add texture and dimension will keep your bathroom all-white and ensure that it does not feel too plain in the process. 



The color white offers a great canvas on which you can dial up the accent color for a vibrant feel, or strip it down to all white for a calm, neutral feel. Creating an all-white bathroom is easy. The hard part is creating an all-white bathroom that packs a strong punch and feels like a dynamic room. To do that, you’ll need certain elements that are interchangeable based on the seasons. You’ll need to pick your accent colors carefully to fit your theme. And you’ll need to consider adding dimension and texture to your white color scheme, lest your bathroom feel uber-plain. An all-white bathroom can still be bold and great with the right attention to detail.

Kitchen & Bath Classics your Trusted Saskatoon Bathroom Experts share 5 Tips to Surviving a Renovation

Whether you are building a new home or remodelling a single room, Kitchen & Bath Classics Saskatoon a Trusted SASKATOON BATHROOM EXPERT offer you one of the largest selections of plumbing fixtures, faucets, and accessories from quality names, displaying the latest trends and cutting-edge styles. The showroom consultants offer the best expertise in the business as they understand the building process; working with you to ensure that your project stays within budget and that the right products are delivered on time.

Here they share 5 Tips to Surviving a Renovation: 



Living through a renovation can be stressful, but there are five tips you can consider that will help the process go smoothly.

1. Set a realistic budget. The most common mistake homeowners make is operating at their maximum budget allowance and not saving extra for those unexpected costs or splurge items. A realistic budget should be 80% of what you can actually afford, leaving 10% for surprises (even the best contractors can’t know what hides behind walls), and 10% for decorating once the project is completed.



2. Determine your desired timeline for completion. Keep in mind that delays often happen, regardless of how well you have planned. Materials get backordered, bad weather can delay exterior work and trades people may get sick or require extra time to make sure the job is done properly.



3. Hire construction experts for anything you are unsure of. It is always best to hire licensed professionals because they are bonded and insured. You want to hire someone who works with a formal contract and can provide references. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Select someone who you can communicate clearly about all aspects of the project. Write down a list of questions as you think of them, such as, ‘What payments do I have to make and when? Am I coordinating the trades or will they be your responsibility? Contact local associations for referrals if you do not know where to start.



4. Be realistic about living through a renovation. Can you segregate yourself to another area and be comfortable? Do you need to move out for a little while? Keep in mind that most contractors and trades keep construction hours of 7 am to 3 or 4 pm. Will this be disruptive to you or your family members?

Also consider the levels of dust and how they affect those children, pets and those afflicted with respiratory difficulties. Moving out during a renovation is often a good idea. It also means the job site can operate more efficiently if you and your family are not in the way.



5. The design aspects of your project. Are you creating something that will look dated in five years or can it be easily adapted to current trends as they change? This is where hiring professional interior designers , decorators and architects are a good investment. Not only can they help you define your style, they can mediate between you and the contractor and trades which will alleviate a lot of the renovation stress. These professionals typically cost approximately 5% of your renovation budget and they make sure that your visions for your renovation become a reality.



Find Kitchen & Bath Classics online at  in the SASKATOON BATHROOMS category on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY of Excellence...they are your SASKATOON BATHROOM FIXTURES and FITTING Expert !







Whether you are building a new home or remodelling a single room, Kitchen & Bath Classics Saskatoon a Trusted SASKATOON BATHROOM EXPERT offer you one of the largest selections of plumbing fixtures, faucets, and accessories from quality names, displaying the latest trends and cutting-edge styles. The showroom consultants offer the best expertise in the business as they understand the building process; working with you to ensure that your project stays within budget and that the right products are delivered on time. Talk to the ExpertsTrusted Renovation & Style show Questions for Lori - Kitchen and Bath Classics:

Leanne Rollheiser: We are going to be redoing our bathroom on main floor. Is there a benefit to use the waterproof drywall for the entire bathroom ? There are five of us so many showers and baths. We do have a fan and a window. Just wondering for moisture.


A: As we do not sell drywall, only the plumbing fixtures, I would suggest contacting our Trusted Partner, Jabba construction with this question, as they would probably be more familiar with the product and be able to answer your question.


Your fan may need an upgrade, if it is sized too small for the bathroom, we do have bathroom fans available, that are quiet and powerful to help remove moisture in the bathroom. Come visit our showroom, and just bring in your width and length of your bathroom and we can assist in sizing a new fan for you, if you do have an older fan.


Miranda Young: How much water can you actually save with new water sense fixtures?


A: The Water Sense labelled plumbing fixures are part of a program in the US designed to encourage a reduction in water use. For plumbing fixtures the model must perform with 20% less water than average products in that category.


For example an older model toilet could be flushing as much as 13-22L per flush and a Water Sense tested model would be at only 4.9L. Switching your toilet out would save about $90 per year on your water bill, depending on how much you are flushing now. Switching out a shower head with a higher flow 2.5gallons/min or more, and reducing it down to one that is only 2 gallons per minute will reduce your hot water bill for electricity by a couple hundred KW and this will be noted on your electrical bill as a savings throughout the year. We have many models of toilets and shower heads and also some lav and kitchen faucets that are made to reduce water usage and we can help you pick out designs that fit your home at Kitchen and Bath Classics.


Darlene King: Is it an easy fix to increase the water pressure so you are able to run two showers at the same time?


A: Water pressure is somewhat unique to each home, although in the city most homes are similar. On an acreage or some in some smaller towns you may have lower water pressure. I would suggest discussing with your plumber the option of a booster pump, these pumps are installed on homes with low water pressure, say off a well, and allow you to “boost” the pressure into the home, so that you have enough water flowing to where you need it. This may or may not be possible in your home, but a plumber would be able to advise.


If you are thinking of running two showers in one bathroom, chances are your existing line throughout your home is probably only ½” and this does not allow for two shower heads to run in one shower, you have to increase your plumbing line from the source to ¾” up to that shower and then you can do multifunction from there with a higher volume valve.


I suggest coming in and meeting with one of our experts and we can see what we can find for options for your home.


Marylee Zimmer: would like a walk in shower or walk in tub in our bathroom. Do you have any suggestions?


A: We have lots of options for sizes of walk in showers, with many shapes and sizes also, wheelchair accessible bases, and a line of walk in tubs that are designed for renovating or new construction. Please come into our showroom and meet with one of our knowledgeable staff and we can show you what will fit into your space. 


Caleigh Kimber: I have an extremely small basement bathroom, I am looking for suggestions to make it look as spacious as possible while still maintaining functionality. Any suggestions?


A: Depending on space and layout there are different ways to give the visualization of more room. With a standard tub and shower layout, you could use a curved shower rod, to maximize the space inside the tub for showering, and leave open when not using to expand the visual space. If you have a standup shower, keeping the door clear glass allows the eye to see more space within the room. A corner shower allows for lots of glass and opens up the space. A round front toilet is compact and leaves several extra inches for manoeuvring room. There are sinktops available where the sink and countertop are all in one, so this frees up countertop space as there is no sink ledge. There are also great shelving ideas like you would see in a hotel, to combine a towel bar and shelving all in one, that is compact and stylish. We have lot’s of these options on display in our showroom, so we invite you down to check it out and meet with one of our consultants and they will assist you in finding what fits in your space.


Elizabeth Dahl: I'm doing my upstairs bathroom, but there is no space, grrrr... Anyway, is there sinks like this for small areas?


A: There are sinktops available that combine the sink and countertop all in one, this gives you more counter space as there is no sink ledge. There are also pedestal sinks that are compact, and would take up less space than a larger vanity. If you do a pedestal, then we can make sure you have shelving and storage options for towels, bath products ect. We do have some compact vanities available that are only 24” wide and still allow you to store items inside. We do have some of these options on display in the showroom and we invite you to come down and meet with one of our consultants who will help you design a bathroom that fits your needs and the space.


Julia Herperger: Energy-efficient, green, appliances are the way to go, but how do I know which ones are really energy efficent, and meet all the standards for being energy-efficient?


A: As we do not sell appliances, I will have to answer this question with how it applies to plumbing fixtures. There are many options within plumbing fixtures to save water, whether it is your toilets, kitchen faucets or your shower heads. There are specific liters or gallons indicated on our specification info for each product, so we can help you choose products that meet the lower consumption of water, and this in turn will save you money through out the year after you switch out a higher consumption product, like say a toilet that uses 13L or more water and switch to one that only uses 6L or less. We have many in our showroom so come down and take a look and we can help you find ways to use less water.


Our Trusted partner, Saskatoon Appliance would be able to answer your questions about energy efficient appliances.


Becky Panter Myers: I live in a small house with a horrid kitchen, what is the best way to maximize my cupboards without chucking abunch of things?


A: We do not actually sell kitchen cabinets or accessories to go inside them to reorganize them, I would check with our Trusted Partners Saskatoon Woodworks or KTS Custom cabinets for ideas.


If you do require any plumbing fixtures for you kitchen, such as a new sink or faucet, come and check out our showroom and knowledgeable staff.


Dawn Starblanket: What are the costs ranging from for backsplash. I would like to put in some (preferabbly drk grn) backsplash in my kitchen?


A: We do not sell countertops or backspashes, just plumbing fixtures. I would direct you to our trusted partner Saskatoon Woodworks or KTS Cabinets and they may be able to advise you on replacing the backsplash.


If you do decide to replace your sink or kitchen faucet, come and check out our showroom.


Find Kitchen & Bath Classics online at  in the SASKATOON BATHROOMS category on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY of Excellence...they are your SASKATOON BATHROOM FIXTURES and FITTING Expert ! Talk to the Experts- The Trusted Saskatoon renovation & style show

Trusted THE Saskatoon Directory   is proud to be hosting a Talk to the Experts show " The Trusted Show' Monthly on Newstalk 650 ..the first show aired June 9th.  Find them all here in our tips library or on our Trusted Channel on You Tube which is a fabulous resource of Tips , Interviews, Demos and Tours.

Listen to all the shows ON DEMAND, you can share them with friends who may be interested in the shows subjects and this makes sure you never have to miss a Trusted Show -  is the Ony Local Directory that works for you...and the only  place to offer this kind of service in Saskatoon !  

This latest show we are featuring is the TRUSTED SASKATOON Directory  renovation and style show

All of the questions on the show have been submitted by our wonderful Trusted Saskatoon Facebook Fans  and one lucky fans question was chosen by Brent to win the Prize package submitted by the 3 Trusted Businesses worth over $1500!


This months ' Trusted Saskatoon Experts' are:


Lori from Kitchen & Bath Classics a Trusted Saskatoon Bathroom expert answering all the appliance questions  Lori donated a fabulous high end sink and fixtures worth over $800

Dave from JABA Construction  a Trusted Saskatoon renovations expert - they donated a  ' Ultimate couples night out at the Parktown Hotel' from Jaba Construction ( includes: $40 GiftCert to Riverside lounge or Finns Irish pub, 2 x tickets to laugh shop comedy show, 1 night in Jacuzzi suite, Champagne , Roses , in room couple massage , 2 trad breakfasts or room service, complimentary parking and an extended 2 pm checkout time...)

Tristan & Lana from Palliser rooms a Trusted Saskatoon funiture store - they provided a $300 Gift Certificate.   



it always pays to be a fan or a follower  ( on twitter @Trustedcanada ) of Trusted! 

Contests and things to be won all the time!


Saskatoon Bathroom Expert shares a tip on Bathtub Liners

 3 Ways New Bathtub Liners Improve Bathrooms


Is your bathtub better suited for a museum than your bathroom? Are the words “ancient”, “decrepit” or “belongs at Grandma’s house” commonly used in reference to your tub? Making the move toward improving your bathtub can be tough, and the thought of major bathroom remodeling can be especially daunting.

There is a way, however, to install a new bathtub liner without ever having to demolish and remove your existing one. Simply put, a bathtub liner is custom fit to the dimensions of your tub, and installed seamlessly over your tub. The pre-existing tub cannot be seen but provides structural support to the new tub. It functions and looks like a brand new tub – as it essentially is one!


Bathtub Liner Before:

 Here are ways in which your bathroom experience can benefit from having a new bathtub liner installed.

1. Style & Look

a. Bathtub liners are brand new and fit over your existing tub. The new liner will look entirely new and no sight of the pre-existing tub will remain. You have a clean slate and can achieve an entirely new & contemporary look.

b. The tub liners are high gloss, have great light reflection, and will retain their “shine” for a long time.

c. New tub liners are available to your tastes in a variety of styles and colors.

d. A liner can be custom color matched to fit your bathroom walls and décor perfectly.


2. Function

a. Acrylic is a scratch-resistant material.

b. Gives you new options to accessorize based on your needs in your new look bathtub.

c. New bathtub liners are easy to clean and maintain.

d. You don’t have to worry about what size to buy or if the liner will fit, because they are custom fit to your tub.

e. Less than an inch of space is needed around your tub for the new liner, so your tub won’t feel any smaller.


Tub Liner 3.


a. Most tub liners on the market are acrylic, an incredibly durable material.

b. No cracks, and therefore no leaks, because it’s all one piece of durable material.

c. New acrylic bathtub liners won’t peel or chip.

d. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with durability over time and knowing it was a sound investment

e. Adds resale value if you have any thoughts of selling your home.

Whether you’re itching to update your bathtub, or just now starting to think that a change is in your future, a new bathtub liner is worth considering, as it can improve your bathroom in a number of different ways at a fraction of the cost of major bathroom renovations



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