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Trusted Tips & Resources

Trusted Saskatoon Home Stagers Fresh Living Shares A Kitchen Staging Tip

You know those spotless, clutter-free, amazing looking rooms you see in magazines? That can be your home. Seriously! Fresh Living’s founder, Chantal Moloney created the company out of her combined love and talent for interior decorating and home improvement which paved the way to a career in Home Staging and Interior Redesign. Chantal is an International Staging and Redesign Professional, bringing her talents directly to your door..and she is a Trusted Saskatoon Interior Decorator and Home staging expert!

MAXIMUM EFFORT KITCHEN EDITION - Ways to open your kitchen for more convenience!

That confused, forlorn expression you see on a “before” victim in an infomercial, before some revolutionary product swoops in to save the day: it’s that expression we all wear when we’re in the middle of meal prep, and find that we’ve run completely out of room.


Sucks, doesn’t it?


We all have our essentials: coffee maker, sometimes vitamins, the toaster (I’m looking at my kitchen for inspiration with that one), but even still, the team at Fresh Living love to make your lives easier, and we may have just a few tips to help straighten out the most important room in your house! 

See this space to the left here, in the boxes? That’s underutilized kitchen space. We’ll call it “negative space” for now. This example shows a few kitchen cabinet-oriented zones, but many kitchens have something similar, where the counter intersects a wall, that’s it. Between the two images we’re using, hopefully, you can see for yourself where extra space can be made available!

These areas can be cleanly modified (more on the “clean” part later) – but what to add? Well, if you’re okay making a few holes, a blank wall (or a decorated one) can be made to look very sharp with industrial shelves. Just about every kitchen can benefit from a nice set of stainless steel shelves, and they’re great for those easy-to-move accessories.

This may not answer our questions regarding counter space, however – what if we need to work with what we’ve got, there are still plenty of solutions. If you   don’t need to use the stove-top right away,  you can use that as your cutting board   surface, and better yet, a couple of quick   cuts later, you can put a hole nearer to the   side of a wooden cutting board, put it over   the sink, and voila – the scraps can fall on   in there for the time being. One less thing to worry about!

Earlier one, we mentioned “clean attachments” – that would be Command Strips. You may think of these solely for hanging pictures, but the hooked variety can also be used to, say, organize measuring cups on the inside of a cupboard door, or hang a basket on the cupboard beneath the sink. There are endless ways to improve cupboard space.

Lastly, the shelves we’re given don’t always need to be the shelves we’re stuck with.  Consider applying shelf options: put shelves inside of shelves – beats the heck out of stacking those cans!

We hope this has provided you with some helpful insight, and hopefully some insights into tipping your kitchen in your favour! Stay fresh!


Fresh Living strives to create clean, positive, uplifting environments that you can enjoy and feel proud to live in. Fresh Living are TRUSTED SASKATOON INTERIOR DECORATORS &  HOME STAGER'S 


Trusted Saskatoon Realtor Clark Dziadyk Gives Tips on How to Get Into Today's Housing Market

Whether you’re buying a house for the first time, the second or the seventh time, it’s still one of the biggest decisions you ever have to make. In order to ensure sheer success, you need a Trusted Saskatoon Realtor like Clark Dziadyk! Clark will ease your mind by taking the pressure off of you to find your dream home! Clark puts 100% effort into everything he does.


Read what clients have to say about Clark Dziadyk hereClark Dziadyk is 'The Realtor in Your Neighbourhood'

Trusted Saskatoon Realtor Clark Dziadyk explains some tips from a recent online blog. Here are some tips on how to get into today’s housing market:

Tips to Get into Today’s Housing Market from Trusted Saskatoon Realtor Clark Dziadyk

# 1 Become a Landlord

Most people don’t know that if you buy a home that contains a rental unit, the income from that unit can help you to qualify to get a mortgage. For example, if you were to buy a home with a basement suite, you can rent out the basement. For maximum income, you could even live in the basement suite yourself and rent out the upper portion of the house.

In order to cut costs, even more, you could look into doing renovations to the rental yourself, which is, of course, more work but it could save you lots of money in the end. Rental spaces are definitely worth exploring! You can always run the numbers on purchasing certain properties with rental spaces in them to determine the best possible outcome for you. Worried about irritating and irrational tenants? Or dealing with the regulations that come with renting out a portion of your home? Concerns such as these can be dealt with by screening tenants during application processes. Make sure to check out the Government Canada website for regulations that need to be followed.

# 2 Go in With a Partner (or a few)

A huge way to cut costs would be to split everything between you and another or a few people! Let’s be honest, these days it’s becoming common for couples to find themselves living with other couples! To make this happen, you must first choose a worthy partner. Whether it be a few siblings sharing a house, a couple friends splitting a condo well you get the idea! You may be able to split the bills, monthly payments and the havoc of a down payment with one or more people! A few things need to be in place in order for this process to work! Like well-chosen partners, a draft of a co-ownership agreement drawn up by a lawyer that spells out all of the rules, and a system for communication between partners to make sure that everything moves smoothly. Communication between housemates is key, especially in preventing miscommunications and conflicts.

Another alternative in order to lessen your stress is to consider co-ownership opportunities. These allow you to buy shares of a company that owns the property, or to buy a small ownership percentage of the property. By doing this, it grants you specific rights to a unit itself. 

# 3 Consider Using Your RRSP

As a first time homeowner, you have written proof that you plan to build or buy a new home and you have money in your RRSP. As a Trusted Saskatoon realtor, Clark Dziadyk can help you with all of your pre-ownership needs! You may be able to use the RRSP Home Buyer’s Plan to get your hands on a tax-free down payment. However, if you are helping a relative with a disability through this process, you also qualify! The Home Buyer’s Plan allows each spouse to withdraw $25,000 to purchase a house. The only downfall is that you need to pay the money back to your RSSP in annual payments within 15 years. Any amount unpaid within that timeframe will be subject to income tax.

Tax-free money homeownership looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Or at least being able to start off your homeownership using tax-free money is. Depending on your individual tax bracket, it could be like having almost twice as much money at your disposal. You just cannot forget about those annual repayments in your new budget. 

#4 Make MORE Money

This is always the end goal in life now-a-days isn't it? 

Home prices seem to be increasing but that doesn’t always mean that your income is. An obvious solution is to make more money; however, this is easier said than done. Here are some approaches that can be taken:

The quickest approach is to ask for a raise at work. This can be a lot to ask, but it doesn’t always have to be. Communicating to your boss that you’re looking to settle down and buy a home (first time, second, upgrade, etc.) and what income level you’re striving for in order to make it happen, you could persuade them into giving you the raise you are looking for! In the end, asking for a raise is like a sales pitch. You are selling yourself by describing the situation, your goals, how to leverage your strengths, and ultimately asking for the raise itself. Whether you believe it or not, employers are people! Generally, people like to be as helpful as they can towards others. Sharing personal stories always have a measure of relatability to them, and more often than not they work better than pure logic.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to open yourself up to new opportunities, there is no harm in looking into another job. Shop yourself around and see if you are truly earning what you should be in your career marketplace. You will surprise yourself and may open new doors to new job opportunities in your field. Increase your network and speak to recruiters, you may find the job that you’ve been looking for that increases your income!

# 5 Relax

Let’s be honest, you’re not getting any younger. You want to be a homeowner! The whole process can be very stressful for a person. In order to relieve stress, you should consider using a Trusted Saskatoon Realtor such as Clark Dziadyk!

You need to make sure you’re ready before you become a homeowner! The right house will come along, it always does! Clark can make sure that you find your dream home! We live in a real-estate obsessed culture, but the relationships you build with family and friends will be the real key to your happiness in the long run. 

Set goals for the next few years of where you want to get to and take it one goal at a time. Write out your plan for home ownership and hold yourself accountable to it! Meanwhile, take a deep breath, relax, sign up for a yoga class and don’t rush things. You will be a homeowner one day! Believe it!

This article was adapted from Zoocasa.

CLARK DZIADYK, The Associates of Ron Baliski Realty Inc. Coldwell Banker and he is 

a Trusted Saskatoon Realtor. You can find him at 1322 8th Street East Saskatoon! View his Facebook page here!


Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage Broker Tammy Wandzura Explains Why Referrals are So Important

Purchasing your home is one of the biggest and most important decisions that you can make. Tammy Wandzura your Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage broker and the team at Elite Mortgage Choice  believe that buying a home should also be an exciting experience with little to NO stress. By trusting your Mortgage Broker, you are ensuring that any stress you may have had in previous encounters can be eliminated! Tammy truly believes that all you should have to worry about is opening the door to your new home for the very first time.

Tammy Wandzura Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage Broker Explains WHY Referrals Mean So Much!

"I would like to extend a HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to each and every current client, previous client, friend and family member that has ever referred to my services. I have been in the Mortgage and lending industry since 2002 and I have been so fortunate to assist so many people in making their dreams come true!"

Home Ownership is an Amazing Achievement and a HUGE Commitment

"I have had the opportunity to help thousands of first time home buyers make the BEST decisions and continue to assist with renewals and refinances."

Why are Referrals So Important?

"People love referrals. They love knowing that by making that first call they will be taken care of from beginning to end. With all of the new Mortgage rulesthe average person needs to feel comfortable and know they are dealing with an expert. We work diligently to create a true customer service experience with every single client we work with. We are not just about the lowest rate. Much like your Insurance Advisor or Financial Advisor;  I am your Mortgage Advisor. My job is not complete when the “transaction” is complete. I am here to continue reviewing your details regularly to ensure that I am helping you meet your future financial goals. In today’s day and age – good customer service can be hard to come by. Amazing and great customer service is far and few between. We want each client to feel that we have taken care of all of their mortgage needs today and in the future."

You can continue to give online reviews here, they are greatly appreciated!  

Call Tammy Wandzura today at 306 933.3386 for all of your Saskatoon mortgage needs OR visit

Make an appointment with Tammy Wandzura at TMG, #1-511 1st Ave N or check out her listing on the Saskatoon directory of excellent in the SASKATOON MORTGAGES Category..she is a Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage Broker Expert! 

Trusted Saskatoon Auto Body Experts at Superior Give Tips on How to Avoid Wildlife Collisions in Saskatchewan

Superior Auto Body has been in business since 1961, and SGI accredited since 1982... There are many reasons they have so many loyal longstanding clients from all over the city, but mostly it is the small, personal touches that they offer to people who have been unfortunate enough to require their services. They offer newer model courtesy cars and vans for their clients.. and to help out they will actually pick up your vehicle and take it to your SGI appointment for you and deliver the courtesy car to you at home... Superior take pride in their workmanship... as they always say, "When we get through it's just like new".

Superior Auto Body is a TRUSTED SASKATOON AUTO BODY shop…you will not regret choosing them!

In Saskatchewan, highway driving is unlike any other province. You need to be constantly watching for the animals by the highway. In their latest blog, they share some tips from SGI about avoiding wildlife collisions in Saskatchewan.

The Auto Body Experts at Superior Auto Body Give Tips on How to Avoid Wildlife Collisions in Saskatchewan

Avoiding Wildlife Collisions

Part of living in Saskatchewan means dealing with Wildlife on and around the roads. There is a serious human cost to this issue – on average 327 people are injured and 4 are killed each year by wildlife collisions. While encountering wildlife is inevitable, especially as we travel to and from lake land there are some ways drivers can reduce their risk of a collision with our wildlife.

Know the Peak Times

The time of day and year can seriously affect wildlife activity around roads. Be extra alert for wildlife in May and June when animals venture towards roads to like road salt. During mating season in late fall and early winter animals are also very active. Year round the peak times for animal collisions are dawn and dusk, so be extra careful when driving in this time frames.

Always be Alert

Scan from shoulder to shoulder while driving to check for animals approaching the road. If you see an animal on the side of the road, slow down and pass by cautiously. If you encounter an animal that has ventured on the road, slow down under control and honk your horn to attempt to scare the wildlife away. Avoiding slamming on your brakes and swerving, as this may cause you to lose control and veer into a ditch or oncoming traffic. As with most traffic safety tips, maintaining a safe speed for the weather conditions is important for avoiding wildlife collisions.

When the Collision is Unavoidable

Sometimes collisions with wildlife are unavoidable even if you take every precaution and remain alert at the wheel. In these circumstances, try to remain calm. From the experts themselves, here is a list of tips that will help in this situation:

  • Aim your vehicle at the spot where the animal came from, not where it's going
  • Try for a glancing blow rather than a head-on encounter and let up on your brake just before you collide. This causes the front of your vehicle to rise slightly and reduces the chances of the animal going through your windshield.
  • Hitting an animal can be an extremely traumatic experience. If possible, move to the shoulder and turn on your hazard lights. Take a moment to regain your composure and then assess the damage to your vehicle. 
  • Do not approach the animal, especially if it appears to be wounded. Injured animals can be extremely dangerous.
  • Call the police or your local RCMP detachment if there are human injuries or significant damage to your vehicle. If the damage is less severe, you may continue driving and follow regular SGI claims reporting procedures.

Looking to read more road safety and auto body industry articles?? You can read more of Superior’s tips and autobody articles by clicking right here.

Find Superior Autobody Online at  or go to their listing in AUTO BODY here, or Go visit them at Ave Q South ... they are on THE Saskatoon directory of excellence ..they are your Saskatoon Auto Body experts!

Trusted Saskatoon Plumber at Perfection Plumbing Verifies Plumbing Rumours

Perfection Plumbing was founded in 1996 and is locally owned and operated. They are different than any other plumbing company in the area. In 2001 they became affiliated with a national plumbing association called Plumbers Success International. Through this affiliation, they are able to bring valuable products and services to clients that they cannot obtain from any other plumbing service company in the area.

Perfection Plumbing are Trusted Saskatoon Plumbers on the Saskatoon Directory

The Plumbing Experts at Perfection Plumbing Describe Which Plumbing Rumours Are to Be Believed!

Not all rumours and myths contain a fragment of truth. Sadly, a lot of people put too much faith in hearsay, even though much of it is unsubstantiated. As a result, homeowners everywhere have come to fear events that won’t even materialize. Luckily, you can find out which myths contain some truth and which one’s lack factual basis.

#1: A Plunger is the Answer to ALL Clogged Plumbing

All earnest homeowners keep a plunger at home. These are fine to deal with minor blockage in drains and pipes. However, using a plunger is a skill that you need to learn. Too often, people inadvertently complicate the clog because they don’t properly apply the plunger, which creates an overflow. Therefore, it’s wiser to call a trusted Trusted Saskatoon plumber to deal with this issue.

#2: It's OK to Flush Anything Down the Toilet

Your toilet is not a garbage disposal. Irregularly shaped objects from the trash can get caught and cause a major blockage in the plumbing system. Similarly, the rumour that insists it’s perfectly okay to flush cat litter down the toilet is simply bilge. Animal feces may contain bacteria and parasites proving harmful to humans and the marine life via the sewage system.

#3: Clean the Bowl with Bleach Tablets

There is some truth to this myth. Putting bleach tablets in the toilet bowl does cleanse and add sparkle to your toilet. However, do not let the tablet linger in the bowl for more than 10 minutes. Prolonged exposure to bleach can destroy the plumbing system of a toilet within six months. Flush the tablet promptly and thoroughly, and remember to use only those tablets specifically designed for toilets.

#4: A Little Drip is of No Concern

According to a recent analysis performed by the Saskatchewan Watershed Authorities, Canadian households lose 1,200 litres of water every year due to a leaky faucet. That amount of water can fill as much as seven bathtubs. Aside from their drain on water supplies and the ecosystem, leaky faucets also affect your water bill. Don’t hesitate to call a trusted plumber to fix this problem right away.

Many other myths flourish undisputed, such as freshening the toilet bowl with lemon peels. Can it work? Yes, your bathroom will smell lovely. Soon after, however, you will likely be dealing with a clogged toilet. Before doing anything, rash based on myths, it’s wise to ask a plumbing service for a genuine and verifiable answer.


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