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Trusted Saskatoon Group Benefits Advisors at Wiegers Financial & Benefits Explain The EI Premium Reduction Program

Wiegers Financial & Benefits is one of Saskatchewan's largest private financial planning and employee benefits consulting firms.  In this latest Wiegers Group Benefits expert tip, they explain how the EI Premium Reduction Program benefits employers and employees with group short-term disability insurance. Wiegers Financial & Benefits is a Trusted Saskatoon Insurance and Group Benefits expert.




The Employment Insurance (EI) Premium Reduction Program is a government incentive that allows employers to pay EI premiums at a reduced rate if their employees are covered by group Short-Term Disability insurance.  The Program intends to reduce the EI premiums of both the employer and the employees (though, for administrative reasons, legislation reduces only the employer’s premiums).  Consequently, the Program requires that the employer return a portion of the savings to all the employees for whom the reduced rate applies.  Some of the more popular means of doing this include providing employees with a cash rebate (taxable income), paying for new or enhanced employee benefits, or hosting a staff party – each of which typically has a direct and positive impact on employee morale.  Only written mutual agreements that identify how the employees will benefit from the reduction will be accepted.

Your company qualifies for the EI premium reduction if it:

  • Provides at least 15 weeks of benefits for Short Term Disability
  • Matches or exceeds the level of benefits provided under EI
  • Pays benefits to employees within eight days of illness or injury (the elimination period cannot exceed 7 consecutive days)
  • Is accessible to employees within three months of hiring
  • Covers employees on a 24-hour-a-day basis


Maximum insurable earnings in 2021 are $56,300.  An employee who earns this much (or more) will pay EI premiums of $889.54 (calculated at 1.58%). For this calculation, we have used a reduced employer multiplier of 1.166.  Note that reduced rates change annually on January 1st and are prorated throughout the year.  If you apply effective January 1st, your rate will be slightly lower than if you apply at a later month in the year.

Employer regular premium =                                          $889.54 x 1.4 = $1,245.36

Employer reduced premium =                                        $889.54 x 1.166 = $1,037.20

Amount of total premium reduction =                              A – B =  $208.16

Employee’s portion of reduction =                                 C x 5/12 = $ 86.73

Employer’s portion of reduction =                                  C x 7/12 = $121.43

Assuming the above numbers, an employer can save as much as $121.43 annually in EI premiums per employee and can return $86.73 in some form to the employee and/or his or her colleagues.  The financial incentives for utilizing the program are clear.


To participate in the Program, you must register by submitting an initial application form, which is available on Service Canada’s website at  If you already participate in the Program, you needn’t reapply; your entitlement will continue until you change or cancel your approved plan.

Debra L. Wiegers, GBA, CLU, Ch.F.C.
Managing Principal, Benefits Division  

Wiegers’ Benefits Consulting Division includes many consultants and support staff who custom-design the most employee-valued and cost-effective group benefits, personal insurance, employee assistance programs, and retirement plans available. Contact them today for a no-obligation consultation to determine how they can help you.

Wiegers Financial & Benefits are Trusted Saskatoon Insurance and Group Benefits Advisors 

Trusted Saskatoon Group Benefits Advisors at Wiegers Financial & Benefit Share The Importance of Benefits Plan Administration Tasks

Wiegers Financial & Benefits is one of the largest private financial planning and employee benefits consulting firms in Saskatchewan. Its Saskatoon Financial Planning Division provides business owners, households, retirees, and students with expert investment and insurance planning services to help them reach their long-term financial goals. They also have a Benefits and Personal Insurance planning, division. In this latest Wiegers Group Benefits expert tip, they explain the importance of benefits plan administration tasks. Wiegers Financial & Benefits are Trusted Saskatoon Insurance and Group Benefits experts.



Plan administration is an important job! An eligible employee who is not insured correctly or who has not been offered benefits can not only have a negative impact on the employee’s well-being but it can also pose liability issues for you and the business.

What types of plan administration tasks do you need to remember?

Most such tasks apply to all employees so they should become an automatic part of your group benefits plan administration. Some of the most important tasks include the following:

  • It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that each employee is enrolled properly and on time. If an employee is enrolled late on the plan (typically 31 days after becoming eligible to join), his or her coverage is typically not guaranteed. The employee and his or her dependents will be considered late applicants, and will need to complete and submit forms about their health. They will then need to be medically approved before enrolling on the plan, at which point they will likely learn that their coverage is restricted or has been declined entirely. This not only has the potential to negatively impact the employee’s and/or dependents’ well-being but it also poses a significant liability risk to the employer. It is far better and easier for everyone for an employer to enroll an eligible employee properly and within the required timeframe.

  • In almost all cases, it is to the employer’s and employees’ benefit to make participation in the benefits plan mandatory. If an employee was permitted to join a plan only when he or she anticipates needing a claim paid, this would make the plan financially non-viable; both non-claimers and claimers need to be contributing premiums into a plan to build up funds to cover claims (similar to home and other forms of insurance). This is why Wiegers Financial & Benefits recommends that employers make participation in their benefits plan mandatory for all eligible employees. If, though, you wish and are able to permit employees to waive all benefits coverage under your plan, it is important that you have those employees sign a group benefits plan waiver form that makes clear that you offered coverage to these employees but that they chose to decline it.

  • Almost all group benefit plans permit an employee to waive Health and/or Dental coverage if he or she has comparable coverage through another plan (typically a spouse’s plan). The employee must be enrolled for all other applicable benefits on the plan as Life, Disability and other benefits are not offered to dependents.

  • Changes to an employee’s coverage must be submitted to your group insurance carrier no later than 31 days after the event. Have your employees communicate regularly with you about changes that need to be made such as:
    • Marriage, divorce, new baby, legal guardianship of child (requires proof)
    • Overage dependents, enrollment in a secondary school with the required amount of classes
      Note: Dependents over age of 18 working more than 20 hours per week are not considered eligible for coverage under a parent and should be removed from the benefits plan

  • If you have employees who are eligible to apply for additional Life and/or Disability coverage above what is automatically provided through your benefits plan, it is your responsibility to advise them of the option to apply. To apply, the employee must complete a health questionnaire provided by the carrier. If he or she chooses not to apply, Wiegers Financial & Benefits recommends that the employee sign a waiver confirming that he or she is aware of the option to apply for additional coverage but has decided against it.

There are, predictably – or not-so-predictably – a number of other plan administration tasks that employers like you need to be diligent about remembering to do to ensure that your employees and their dependents have all of the coverage available to them (and that you’re not doing anything to put yourself or your business in a liable position). An effective and talented benefits advisor will ensure that you are aware of all of the plan administration tasks you need to be aware of, and will ensure that you are also aware of any particularities about your own plan that differ from the norm. As long as you remember to do what you need to do, you’ll have a benefits plan that helps you take care of your valued employees and their families while also preventing you from liability. Benefits plan administration done correctly is a win for all.

Amanda Getzlaf,
Benefits Account Manager, Wiegers Financial and Insurance Planning Services Ltd.

Wiegers’ Benefits Consulting Division includes many consultants and support staff who custom-design the most employee-valued and cost-effective group benefit, personal insurance, employee assistance programs, and retirement plans available. Contact them today for a no-obligation consultation to determine how they can help you.

Wiegers Financial & Benefits are Trusted Saskatoon Insurance and Group Benefits Advisors 

Trusted Saskatoon Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Experts at Perfection Plumbing's Mystery Shop Results

Being a Trusted Partner on the Trusted Saskatoon Directory of Excellence comes with a lot of responsibility - no other directory, advertising company, or 'watchdog organization' puts businesses through the ongoing process we do before we promote and endorse them.

Why Choose a Business On the Trusted Saskatoon Directory?

All of the Trusted Saskatoon partners have to pass a unique verification process, they are then annually contracted to uphold our 5 Trusted Guarantees. The partners then become part of a local community of Saskatoon and area businesses that we promote with a strong local marketing campaign. We also have a Trusted MYSTERY SHOPPER PROGRAM. This is where we find and engage with normal everyday people, just like you, who are looking for products and services in Saskatoon and area. We approach individuals we can see are looking for a local business and we ask them to mystery shop Trusted Saskatoon Partners. Those that agree to be Trusted mystery shoppers go about their usual business, except at the end they fill out a report to tell us about the experience. We then share it with you! We are thrilled to share our latest mystery shop. 

 Perfection Plumbing Mystery Shop Report!

Perfection Plumbing & Drain are Trusted Saskatoon Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Experts

Date of Mystery Shop: July 2023

Name of Shopper: Chad M.


1. How was the greeting/ welcome/ call answered? Extremely friendly and helpful.

2. Product/industry knowledge of staff? Both people I talked to were very knowledgeable and helpful - the plumber was very particular and did extremely good work.

3. If a quote was required, was it well laid out/ clear? Verbal quote over the phone was given.

4. Overall experience 1-10. 10

5. Would you return as a customer/ recommend them to close friends? Absolutely yes.

6. Did anyone stand out as exceptional? If so who? Why? No, although my father-in-law who supervised the installation raved about how particular and thorough the plumber was.


1. Provide the service and quality promised - Yes

2. Complete the job on time - Yes

3. Charge the price quoted with NO surprises - Yes

4. Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs - Yes

5. Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind - Yes


The only thing they could do better… I called on a Saturday and the call centre person who answered said they do work on Saturdays and someone would call me that day. I got a call on Monday morning. It was not urgent and was ok to leave until Monday however I was expecting a call on the weekend because that is what I was told would happen.


Yet again showing you deserve the Thumbs Up from

If you are experiencing any problems with your toilet or just want an updated look and better water efficiency, contact us at 306-652-9556 or fill out our contact form for more info.

Trusted Saskatoon Salon Hairstyle Inn Explain how to properly care for your hair

Hairstyle Inn Salons in Saskatoon is a family run business with 3 generations of artistic hair design. The design team members have trained thousands of stylists and they are regularly used by major manufacturers to showcase their color, cut and texture design techniques. Also, impressively, the artistic design teams work has been featured in movies, theatre, hair shows, commercials, fundraisers, TV & Awards. Hairstyle Inn are Trusted Saskatoon salons. In their most recent blog, they discuss how to properly care for you hair to keep it healthy. 

How To Properly Care For Your Hair 

HSI Tips and Tricks to keep your hair healthy 

Proper hair care is essential to maintain healthy and beautiful hair. Here are some tips to help you take care of your hair and make it amazing:

  1. Wash your hair regularly: Find a balance between washing your hair too frequently, which can strip away natural oils, and not washing it enough, which can lead to a buildup of dirt and oil. Generally, washing your hair 2-3 times a week is sufficient for most people, but adjust based on your hair type and personal preference.

  1. Use the right shampoo and conditioner: Choose hair care products that are suitable for your hair type and concerns. For example, if you have dry hair, opt for moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. If you have oily hair, use products designed to control oiliness. Additionally, avoid using excessive amounts of styling products as they can weigh down your hair and cause buildup.

  2. Condition your hair regularly: Conditioning helps to keep your hair moisturized, smooth, and manageable. Apply conditioner from mid-length to the ends of your hair, focusing on the areas that are prone to dryness. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly or in some cases you may need to leave it in.

  3. Protect your hair from heat: Limit the use of heat styling tools like hairdryers, straighteners, and curling irons, as they can damage your hair. When you do use them, apply a heat protectant product to minimize heat damage. Additionally, allow your hair to air dry whenever possible to reduce heat exposure.

  4. Be gentle when handling wet hair: Wet hair is more vulnerable to damage, so avoid rough towel-drying or vigorous brushing when your hair is wet. Instead, gently squeeze out excess water with a soft towel and use a wide-toothed comb or a brush specifically designed for wet hair to detangle it.

  5. Protect your hair from the sun: Prolonged sun exposure can lead to dryness and damage to your hair. When spending time outdoors, protect your hair by wearing a hat or using hair products that contain UV filters. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner with SPF for added protection.

  6. Trim your hair regularly: Regular trims help to prevent split ends and keep your hair looking healthy. Aim to get a trim every 6-8 weeks, or as needed, to remove any damaged or split ends and promote hair growth.

  7. Maintain a balanced diet: Good nutrition is essential for healthy hair. Include foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and legumes, in your diet. Drinking an adequate amount of water also helps to keep your hair hydrated.

  8. Avoid excessive brushing and tight hairstyles: Brush your hair gently, starting from the ends and working your way up to avoid unnecessary breakage. Avoid tight hairstyles that pull on your hair, as they can lead to hair breakage and traction alopecia.

  9. Listen to your hair and your hairstylist: Pay attention to how your hair responds to different products and treatments. Everyone's hair is unique, so what works for others may not work for you. Experiment and adjust your hair care routine based on what makes your hair look and feel its best.

Remember, consistency is key when it comes to hair care. By following these tips and establishing a regular hair care routine that suits your hair type and concerns, you can maintain healthy, vibrant hair.

Your hair is your #1 fashion accessory!

Hairstyle trends change like the weather, but Shelley, Laddie, and rest of the Hairstyle Inn team are always keeping up to date! For the best Saskatoon salon experience and Trusted customer service call Hairstyle Inn salon> today or get more Hairstyle tips Inn in our Trusted Salon Tip Library.

Trusted Saskatoon Plumbers at Perfection Plumbing Discuss What to Do When Your Hot Water Runs Cold

Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd. is a premier provider of quality drain cleaning and plumbing services in Saskatoon, SK. They are the company of choice to handle all of your plumbing concerns including drain cleaning service, water heater installation, plumbing repair, and more. Perfection Plumbing is a Trusted Saskatoon Plumbers on the Saskatoon Directory. In their latest tip, they discuss what to do when your hot water runs cold. 

When Your Hot Water Turns Cold

Let’s delve deep into the frustrating problem of running out of hot water mid-shower. We’ll explore the most common reasons for this unwanted surprise and provide useful information to better understand the inner workings of your hot water system. From outdated tanks to high demands, we’ll explain what to expect and suggest practical solutions to avoid the dreaded cold shower. So trust us, by the end of this post, you’ll feel confident in understanding the culprits behind your lukewarm or ice-cold water, and be one step closer to enjoying uninterrupted steamy showers.

Understanding the Common Culprits

Does your shower run cold sooner than it should? Or does the water refuse to heat up altogether? Before you panic and shell out money on a new water heater, it’s worth investigating some common culprits that cause heating issues. Sediment buildup in the tank is the most common cause of faulty water heaters. As water is heated, mineral deposits settle at the bottom of the tank, insulating the water from the burners and heating element. This causes your water heater to work more than it needs to and eventually damages its ability to heat water. Typically, it’s not the heating equipment that fails but wear and tear on the tank itself. A faulty thermostat can also cause issues leading to a lack of hot water.

Sediment Buildup in the Tank

One of the most common culprits of water heater problems is sediment buildup in the tank. Over time, minerals and debris can accumulate at the bottom of the tank, causing various issues. This sediment buildup can lead to reduced efficiency, heating problems, and even damage to the tank. One way to prevent sediment buildup is to flush the tank regularly. This involves draining the tank of its contents to remove any debris that has settled at the bottom. If you notice odd noises or fluctuations in water temperature, it’s a good sign that sediment buildup might be an issue.

Ignoring sediment buildup can lead to inconvenient and costly repairs. It’s essential to schedule routine maintenance to avoid any problems with your water heater. A well-maintained water heater system will operate efficiently and last longer.

If the problem persists, it’s best to call in an expert to take a closer look. A professional will assess the situation, and provide the best solution for your specific water heater needs. Don’t ignore sediment buildup in your water heater – regular maintenance or a quick call to a professional saves time, money, and frustration down the road.

A Faulty Thermostat

If you find that your water is lukewarm or cold despite an adequate power supply and size, a faulty thermostat might be the culprit. The thermostat works by regulating the heating element, which is responsible for heating the water in the tank. A common cause of a faulty thermostat is the age of the water heater. Over time, thermostats wear out, resulting in inaccurate temperature readings. Another source of malfunction is the accumulation of sediment around the thermostat. This insulation makes it difficult for the thermostat to read the water temperature accurately. Sediment buildup is often the result of not flushing the tank regularly.

Not detecting such a glitch may lead to wasted energy. The heating element could remain on longer than required, contributing to a higher electrical bill. Moreover, it could cause the heater tank to overheat, increasing the risk of leaks or complete failure.

It’s essential to schedule regular maintenance to avoid such issues. Sometimes replacing the thermostat or cleaning it is all that’s needed. For such tasks, you might require a knowledgeable professional, particularly if you lack technical expertise.

A Malfunctioning Heating Element

A Malfunctioning Heating Element: A malfunctioning heating element is a common problem that water heaters encounter. This issue could result from corrosion due to sediment buildup or general wear and tear. A faulty heating element can cause the water heater to stop delivering hot water altogether or reduce the heat supply to a large extent.

If your water heater has a malfunctioning heating element, you may notice signs such as a drop in water temperature, strange noises, or a foul odor emanating from the hot water. Replacing a heating element requires technical expertise and should be done by a qualified professional.

Ignoring a malfunctioning heating element could lead to more significant issues such as leaks, a total breakdown, or accidents. A replacement may be the best solution, especially if the heating element is susceptible to recurring problems. Regular maintenance of your water heater can prevent a malfunctioning heating element and other issues. Ensure your heating element is checked during these routine checks, and any problems are dealt with effectively.

Issues with Electrical Components

Issues with electrical components are another frequent source of problems with water heaters. Faulty wiring, loose connections, and damaged elements can all cause serious issues that affect the function and safety of your heater. In some cases, electrical problems can even lead to dangerous situations like fires and electrocution.  To avoid problems with electrical components, it’s important to have your water heater wiring and elements inspected regularly by a professional. They can not only identify issues before they become serious but also help keep your heater running efficiently and safely.

Improperly Sized Water Heater

One of the most common reasons for water heater malfunction is a unit that is improperly sized for the household’s needs. Bigger is not always better when it comes to water heaters, and a unit that is too large will not only be wasteful but costly. A water heater that is too small, on the other hand, will struggle to keep up with the household’s hot water demand. This can be particularly frustrating during peak usage times such as during the morning rush to get ready for work or school. It’s important to match the size of the water heater with the household’s hot water usage to ensure maximum efficiency. When in doubt, consult a professional to determine the correct size for your needs. Investing in the right-sized water heater will save both time and money.

Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your water heater in top shape via preventative maintenance is crucial to ensure that your water heater remains in excellent working condition. Regular inspection and servicing can identify and fix minor issues before they turn into significant problems that could end up costing you a lot in repairs or replacements.

One of the easiest things you can do to maintain your water heater is to flush the tank regularly. Sediment buildup leads to reduced efficiency and shortened lifespan. Flushing the tank will remove any accumulated mineral deposits, ensuring that your water heater can operate optimally.

Another important preventative maintenance step is to check and replace faulty valves, such as the temperature and pressure relief valves. These valves regulate pressure and temperature, so if they aren’t functioning correctly, your water heater could be at risk of becoming over-pressurized.

It’s also essential to check and replace anode rods. Anode rods are sacrificial rods that attract bacteria and minerals, preventing them from corroding your tank walls. By periodically inspecting and replacing them, you can extend your tank’s lifespan and avoid expensive replacements.

Finally, remember to check for leaks regularly. Even if you don’t notice any visible signs of leaks, such as water pooling around the tank, it’s possible for leaks to occur inside the tank, leading to rusting and corrosion. As you can see, preventative maintenance is crucial to ensure that your water heater runs smoothly and efficiently. By taking these easy steps towards the health of your heater, you’ll enjoy hot water in your home for a long time to come.

Calling in a Professional

If you have tried all the usual troubleshooting methods, but your water heater is still malfunctioning, it is time to call in a professional. An experienced and knowledgeable technician can diagnose the root cause of your water heater’s problems and provide the best solution. They will inspect all elements of your system, from the thermostat and heating elements to the electrical components and sediment buildup. Technicians also have specialized tools and equipment to easily diagnose and repair any water heater issues. Additionally, a certified professional can help you determine whether it is more cost-effective to repair or replace your current water heater. Remember, trying to fix a water heater on your own can be dangerous, so it is essential to call in a professional for any complex issues.

If you are experiencing any problems with your toilet or just want an updated look and better water efficiency, contact us at 306-652-9556 or fill out our contact form for more info.


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