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Trusted Saskatoon Auto Body shop SGI tip on deductible payment plans

Trusted Saskatoon Auto Body Experts

Here they share a tip on Deductible Payment Plan:



You can use the Deductible Payment Plan to finance your deductible over a period of 10 months

We understand that coming up with the deductible can sometimes be tough on your budget.

It doesn't matter how your vehicle was damaged - collision, vandalism, hail or theft - if you have a deductible to pay, and you're eligible, you can access the plan.

You're eligible for the plan if your personal vehicle is both:

  • registered in the LV or F classes
  • covered by basic licence plate insurance


You're not eligible for the plan if:

Getting signed up


When you first report your claim to SGI, your adjuster will go over the program with you and let you know if you're eligible.

When you take your vehicle to SGI to be appraised, you'll get an application form to fill out. You can do 1 of 2 things:

  • You can fill out the form at that time and attach a void cheque.
  • You can give the completed form and void cheque to the autobody shop of your choice when you take your vehicle to be repaired.

Payment schedule



Your payments will start once your vehicle is fixed.

When you pick up your repaired vehicle, you must pay the autobody shop a down payment of $100.

For the balance of the deductible, a payment will be automatically deducted from your bank account over a period of 10 months. There is no interest charged, but a one-time administration fee of $30 will be charged with your first payment under the plan.


Maximum number of claims under the plan


You're allowed up to 3 claims through the plan at a time, as long as your account with SGI is in good standing on previous claims.



Superior Autobody Trusted Saskatoon Autobody professionals pass a Trusted Mystery Shop with flying colors

Being a Trusted Business on the Saskatoon directory comes with alot of responsibility, no other directory, advertising medium or ' watchdog organization' puts businesses through the process we do before we promote and endorse them. Most other organizations offer is checking that the business has a valid business license, and maybe that they have insurance and don't have a bad rating, 99% don't even bother with that and those that do rely on the consumers to provide ratings, mostly unverified and un-qualified.


The Trusted Saskatoon businesses become Partners with a contract, and they become part of a community. In a community we all have our parts to play to ensure the directory maintains the standards and high level of integrity that it does. To ensure that our partners are upholding these guarantees on a daily basis we have a MYSTERY SHOPPER PROGRAM, where normal everyday people mystery shop our Trusted Partners, we then get our mystery shoppers to fill out a report to tell us about the experience!

Our latest business to be mystery shopped is Superior Autobody a Trusted Saskatoon Auto Body expert, lets tell you how they did!




TRUSTED COMPANY: Superior Auto Body

Date: June 25, 2015

Name of Shopper: Shelby 



1. How was the greeting/ welcome/ call answered?: The receptionist was very friendly.

2. If retail: Appearance of the store / staff and showroom?: The reception seemed clean and organized.

3. Product/industry knowledge of staff?: The knowledge of the staff was awesome.  They explained to me exactly what was needed before I left.

4. If a quote is required is the quote well laid out/ clear?: This was an insurance claim so there wasn't a quote however they did order an additional piece for our vehicle that was not part of the claim and paid out of pocket.  The price was exactly as stated on the phone :)

5. Did they ask where you found them?: No

6. Overall experience 1-10.: 10

7. Would you return as a customer/ recommend them to close friends?: Yes, for sure!!

8. Did anyone stand out as exceptional? If so who? Why?: Monty was great to deal with, he was very knowledgable and personable.

9. If you made a purchase/booked a job how was the process? It was all great, easy with no complications.


If so refer to the Trusted Guarantees and give an overall mark on each if applicable.



1. Provide the service and quality promised. 10

2. Complete the job on time. 10

3. Charge the price quoted with NO surprises. 10

4. Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs. 10

5. Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind. 10


Please share any other comments relating to your experience with the company.

Monty was wonderful and very helpful.  He even gave some great advice on some different vehicles to buy.  The whole process was super easy, no surprises and they work they did was great.  I also drove a courtesy car the whole week when they had our vehicle, that was a real treat! 



Find Superior Autobody Online at or go to their listing in Saskatoon AUTO BODY here, or Go visit them at Ave Q South ... they are on THE Saskatoon directory of excellence ..they are your Saskatoon Auto Body experts! 




Superior Autobody your Saskatoon Autobody expert share a tip on Auto Claims

Superior Auto Body has been in business since 1961, and SGI accredited since 1982... There are many reasons they have so many loyal longstanding clients from all over the city, but mostly it is the small, personal touches that they offer to people who have been unfortunate enough to require their services. They offer newer model courtesy cars and vans for their clients..and to help out they will actually pick up your vehicle and take it to your SGI appointment for you and deliver the courtesy car to you at home... Superior take pride in their workmanship... as they always say, "When we get through it's just like new".

They are your Trusted Saskatoon Auto Body Experts 


Here Superior share a tip on Auto claims:

To file an auto claim, follow the steps below after a collision.


1. Exchange information with the other driver involved in the collision.

Get the other driver's:

  • name
  • customer number
  • licence plate number

Our Collision Report form (pdf, 55 kb) can help you remember what information to collect. Print a copy and keep it in your glove box.

If applicable, get the names and addresses of any witnesses. Witnesses can be crucial in determining who's at fault or responsible for the collision.


When to report your collision to the police

You must report the collision to the police if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • the collision results in injury or death. If there are injuries, you must also report the collision to 1 of our injury claims offices.
  • it's a hit and run
  • a driver is impaired
  • any of the vehicles involved have to be towed from the scene
  • the collision involves a vehicle that does not have a valid licence plate or is an out-of-province vehicle

If none of the above apply, you only need to report the collision to SGI.

2. File your claim.

To file your claim, you can:

  • use our online auto claim registration service, Auto eClaim
  • call our Dial-A-Claim service during normal office hours at the claims centre closest to your home

Have the following ready when reporting your claim:

  • your driver's licence
  • your vehicle registration
  • if applicable, your auto extension insurance policy number

We'll set up an appointment to have your vehicle appraised and the damage assessed.


3. Meet with an appraiser.

On the day of your appointment, drive your vehicle to the claims centre. The appraiser will assess the damage to your vehicle and the cost of repairs.

If your vehicle isn't safe to drive, we'll arrange to have it towed to 1 of our claims centres.


4. Have your vehicle repaired.

Once the appraisal is done, you'll get a printout outlining the cost of repairs if your vehicle is repairable.

After your adjuster confirms your insurance coverage is in order, you can have your vehicle repaired at the auto body shop of your choice.

See our Vehicle insurance coverage section for details.

5. Authorize payment.

Once your vehicle has been repaired, the body shop will ask you to sign a Certification of Repairs form. This form signifies that you're satisfied with the repairs and authorizes SGI to pay the body shop.


Find Superior Autobody Online at  or go to their listing in AUTO BODY here, or Go visit them at Ave Q South ... they are on THE Saskatoon directory of excellence ..they are your Saskatoon Auto Body experts!




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