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Trusted Saskatoon Hot Tub experts at Backyard Living Center Answer FAQs! Part 4

Backyard Living Center is a locally owned and operated Saskatoon hot tub storeThey offer an exclusive line of high-quality Canadian-built hot tubs that are perfectly suited to the Saskatchewan climate. With a variety of design choices, they have a spa that will suit every lifestyle! Service means everything to owners Sheryl and Matthew! Whether it's finding the perfect spa, hot tub servicing or repair, water testing, or helping find or deliver parts for your hot tub, they're here to help.  In this Saskatoon hot tub tip, we continue the series of experts answering all your FAQs about hot tubs. 

Backyard Living Center Is Your Trusted Saskatoon Hot Tub Store!

FAQs About Hot Tubs Answered By Backyard Living Center - Part 4

How easy is it to service all areas of the spa?

H2O Spas are manufactured with motors and electronics located inside the front of the spa. This makes it very easy to access all of the equipment during regular maintenance. Some spas have motors housed on more than one side of the spa which makes it very difficult to position the spa against a wall or on a deck. Never purchase blindly, always insist on seeing the area where the equipment is housed it will tell you a lot about the quality of construction. Because we manufacture all H2O Spas with a dedicated structural frame, we are able to assemble our product in a modular style. This means that if there are any maintenance issues or need for repair, the hot tub is completely accessible from all sides.

Does the plumbing vibrate?

It is widely quoted that only full urethane foam insulation can restrict the movement of the plumbing lines in traditional spas, therefore, preventing any vibration in the plumbing. An H2O Spa is not your traditional spa. The development of highly efficient and balanced water delivery systems has eliminated plumbing vibration and movement. As an additional measure, in an H2O spa, the weight of water within the plumbing lines is supported by custom supports built into the fibreglass shell.

Are all Hot Tub Warranties the same?

NO, not all spa warranties are the same. At H2O Spas we go to great lengths to separate ourselves from the competition. We work closely with our dealer network to ensure that we are not associated with exaggerated product claims that can lead to future ambiguity. Not all warranties are genuine in their intention, read them carefully.

What is the Best Location for my Hot Tub?

Location, location, location. Always make sure that your hot tub is located as close to the house as possible. It has to be convenient, especially when using the hot tub during our Saskatchewan winters. If you intend on using your hot tub frequently, then close to the house makes sense; protection from the weather while accessing the hot tub is essential.

Is it Difficult to Maintain a Hot Tub?

It is very easy to maintain your hot tub.
  • The first task is to make sure your spa is visually clean. That means that you have cleaned the acrylic surface. This can be achieved by simply wiping the acrylic surface with a clean cloth and no detergents or cleaning liquids other than those designed specifically for the purpose. The acrylic surface will not withstand abuse with harsh chemicals or toxic cleaners.

  • Do not use any chemicals on the cabinet, acrylic surface or on equipment.

  • All H2O Spas are made from acrylic, fibreglass and plastic. These materials have been chosen for their longevity and ability to look new even after years of use.

How much does it cost to run a hot tub monthly?

We have measured the cost of using your hot tub under normal use conditions. How you use your spa can greatly influence the cost of operation and obviously, some people will use their tub more or less often, in which case, the average may not apply to them. Our research along with the feedback of our customers, suggests that an average monthly Hydro cost should run between $15 and $30 depending on your location.

Is it safe to empty my hot tub water onto my lawn?

Prior to you emptying your spa, you should reduce the sanitizer content of the spa. This means that you should refrain from putting any Chlorine or Bromine into the spa. You can then add a product to the water that eliminates sanitizer. To empty your spa simply connect your garden hose to the drain connector in the equipment enclosure and place the other end of the hose into the storm drain. If all sanitizer has been removed from the spa, it is safe to run the water onto your lawn.

Does the hot tub cover have to be on the hot tub when it is not in use?

Yes, here is the reason why. If the cover is not properly fitted onto the spa when not in use, the heat will escape and cool the water. When this happens the electronic controller will call for heat from the heater until the required temperature is reached. The call for heat will continue indefinitely until the temperature is maintained. If you lose heat from the cover it will cost you money. So, make sure the cover is always properly fitted.

How do I detect a leak in my hot tub?

The simple rule for leak detection is water loss. If you observe a reduction in the water level of your spa you should refill the tub to your desired level and check again at the same time the next day. If the same loss occurs call us and explain the circumstances.

  • Another indicator is that you see evidence of water stains on the pad underneath the hot tub. If it is persistent and maybe worsens, again, call us.

  • Do not attempt to repair the spa even if you locate the leak; the spa is made from speciality parts and is best left to the service technician. Read the warranty claim document to make sure the repair is covered under the warranty. If the warranty has expired we can still repair it for a reasonable fee.

See their selection of in-stock H2O Canadian-made premium spas at their showroom on Brodsky Avenue, or visit their website for more choices and information on hot tub supplies, hot tub care, and maintenance and service. Take it from us… you will not be disappointed!!!

MORE Questions? 

Your Backyard Oasis is Waiting For You!

You can read more amazing client testimonials and see all products and services they offer by checking out the Backyard Living Center’s listing by clicking on the link below. 

Backyard Living Center is Your Trusted Saskatoon Hot Tub and Outdoor Furniture Store!

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