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Trusted Saskatoon Fitness Equipment Store, Fitness Solutions Share 5 Fitness Trends for 2021

Fitness Solutions is a locally owned, Trusted Saskatoon Fitness Equipment store, serving residential and commercial customers for over 30 years. They have the tools and the experience to make your fitness goals a reality. They are there every step of the way to guide and educate you through the process of finding the perfect piece of equipment to make it happen. In their latest Trusted Saskatoon fitness article, they discuss 5 fitness trends to expect in 2021. 


The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way most of us are used to getting our exercise into our daily lives. Routines were altered and new measures were taken for fitness. Thankfully fitness will never go away, but there are trends that will be expected to rise for this year in 2021.

Virtual Fitness

Gyms and fitness clubs have had to experiment with alternative ways of providing their services to customers at home. Virtual workout classes have started to be offered whether that be from your local gym or from online video platforms.

Virtual fitness classes are a great way to continue doing the workout classes that you enjoy while staying safe and keeping your distance from others. Classes can be found with a low-cost subscription, while others may even be offered free of charge.

Cleaning & Sanitizing Practices

Many fitness enthusiasts have moved away from going to the gym until working out is safer to do so. Gym owners, trainers, and gym attendees will be expected more than ever to ensure cleaning and sanitizing practices remain long after the pandemic is over. Along with proper social distancing and safety norms to be followed before a person enters the fitness facility.

Body & Mind Training

According to, the trend toward yoga, mental training, or Pilates existed before the Covid-19 pandemic but it has intensified since.

“More and more people want to combine physical training with mental relaxation,” according to “This desire is triggered not only by job-related stress but also by the strenuous homeschooling with children or financial and health fears in connection with the pandemic.”

At Fitness Solutions Saskatoon we have a variety of fitness accessories to help you with your mental training. Contact us to learn more about incorporating body and mind training into your routine.

Increased Focus on HIIT

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) was ranked the number two trend in 2020, according to ASCM’s Health and Fitness Journal, and it’s looking as if it’ll continue to remain one of the top fitness trends in 2021.

HIIT exercises tend to take significantly less time to do than a regular workout, making it attractive to people who have busier lives. You don’t need specialized equipment to do it and you can still reap the rewards. Burning more calories in a shorter period of time is another one of the many benefits of HIIT.

Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor fitness with gyms or local fitness studios will also be a trend to encourage fitness goers to enjoy classes outside where they can be safely distanced.

During the lockdown in 2020, many people incorporated a daily outdoor walk, run or jog into their fitness routines. Getting fresh air while exercising is a great way to stay active and healthy and this trend will continue as it has become a part of people’s routines.

Remember to Please Be Kind

At Fitness Solutions Saskatoon, our team is doing the best we can with what is available during these times. Unfortunately, we expect supply issues to last for at least 1 year, so we ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this with you and truly believe Fitness Solutions equipment is worth the wait. So please be kind to our staff and let’s remember ‘Fitness is not a destination... it’s a way of life.’ 

If you need help with your fitness goals, our team at Fitness Solutions is here to help you stay fit and healthy this winter. We take the time to ask you questions and go through all the details to find the perfect equipment for you. When comparing price versus quality, Fitness Solutions Saskatoon is your trusted local place to shop for home fitness equipment.

At Fitness Solutions, we have the tools and the experience to make your fitness goals a reality. Whether it's a treadmill, free weights, racks, elliptical, yoga mat, or paddleboard, we are here every step of the way to guide and educate you through the process of finding the perfect piece of equipment to make it happen.

'Fitness is Not A Destination It Is A Way Of Life'

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