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Trusted brags about CARPET CLEANING GUYS your TRUSTED SASKATOON CARPET CLEANERS on the Saskatoon directory!  is thrilled to welcome  CARPET CLEANING GUYS as the latest locally owned, operated and accountable business to our SASKATOON CLEANING SERVICES category on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY of excellence. Hal McGinnis and his team join an impressive list of Trusted businesses.

The Trusted Partners on board are forward thinkers, innovators and experts in the city and they understand that to make a difference in your business that offering ' just good service' doesn't cut it anymore..they offer remarkable service and they do that as standard. The Trusted partners have made a commitment to share their expertise with the public , and that makes Trusted Saskatoon not just the best place to source local businesses when you have a need...but also a place that is becoming a growing libary of tips and resources over more than just the 40 categories we reach....Type ' Trusted Tips Saskatoon' into Google and you will see what we mean...or go to our Trusted Tips Library on the Saskatoon directory to read the well written, interesting and helpful tips our Trusted Partners have provided....or simply ' Choose a category ' from the list on the left of this Blog page....we are more than just another Saskatoon Directory..we are THE Smart & Simple Choice ....and we work for YOU!


Hal Mcginnis is the owner , and him and the team from  CARPET CLEANING GUYS are everything that other ‘coupon carpet cleaners’ are not...they have a level of integrity and a work ethic that really amazed us at Trusted, and we are proud to promote them and endorse them as Saskatoon’s Trusted Carpet Cleaners.

Saskatoon Carpet Cleaners are everywhere these days it seems….advertising ridiculous offers of $10-$20/ a room, or having carpet cleaning as ‘ one of the services offered’ ..when you get something done it is always a good idea, and good advice to go to the people and businesses that specialize in what you want doing!


Type ‘Carpet Cleaning Scams’ into Google and see the horror stories that come up ….we have posted a YOU TUBE video below which showcases the scams that are out there, and besides, when you leave someone in your home it is important that you can TRUST them to do the job, and take care of your property..we can guarantee that Saskatoon Carpet Cleaning guys...are THE GUYS you can trust!

Well maintained carpets and upholstery help ensure a healthy home by reducing the amount of dust and allergens that are present. Saskatoon Carpet Cleaning guys service is designed to ensure that your carpets are as clean, healthy, and as beautiful as possible. You'll be amazed when Hal brings back the color and life to your carpets…one of the clients we spoke to when we did the client survey portion of the Trusted Verification process told us a story that really explains Hals way of doing things.

“ A previous tenant of mine loved to make fried foods and eat them in front of the TV …he lived in my property for 4 years and over that time a ‘ trail of grease’ was obvious between the kitchen and the chair in front of the TV ..I called Hal in to look at it, expecting him to write off the carpet as a lost cause and was ready to buy a new carpet for the entire apartment.....Hal spent 5 hours and put in so much physical labor into those hours and to our amazement the carpets looked brand new again… he saved me the expense of buying a new carpet and the respect I already had for him doubled, he is the best Carpet Cleaner in Saskatoon, hands down…I wouldn’t call anyone else!”

When you see the difference for yourself, you will see why they get so much word of mouth recommendations. You’ll notice a huge difference in how your carpets feel after a residue-free rinse! There will be no stickiness and crusty feeling that you may have experienced in the past…and as Hal McGinnis is the Saskatoon Expert he will advise you on taking best care of your carpet, rugs, and fine fabrics in the future. In addition, Saskatoon Carpet Cleaning Guys always invest in new and up to date equipment. This means cleaner carpets and a quicker drying time!

So if your Carpets need cleaning contact Hal and The Saskatoon Carpet Cleaning Guys ...checkout their listing for more information here in SASKATOON CLEANING SERVICES or give Hal a call to book your carpet cleaning today at your convienience! Their website is currently getting revamped but will be done soon here is the link!  AND we have  trusted tip ready to share with you from check back to read it soon!

You can be assured that they won't cut any corners ..they will just clean them..beautifully!


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