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Trusted Saskatoon Travel Expert share great tips for packing

Great tips for packing:


• start by putting your name, address and phone number on each piece of luggage
• before packing, lay out the items you plan to take, and re-evaluate, to eliminate any unnecessary items. Pack items tightly - to avoid them moving around. To save room, pack smaller items in shoes
• to save room on clothing - choose a base color for pants, skirts and shorts, then match with a few hig...hlight colors. And don't forget to accessorise, with scarves, hats and wraps, as they can easily add color to any outfit
• pack toiletries in plastic bags to avoid spillages. Pack all liquids or gels / sprays over 100ml in your checked bags - or else you will have to throw them out at customs!
• do not pack travel documents, medication, jewelry, money or travellers checks in your checked bag. Only take the absolute minimum, regarding jewelry or money. Keep all items securely in your money belt - or somewhere safe that is always at your side
• remember - only pack your bag two-thirds full, to leave room for shopping and souvenirs!



What to Pack
• start by making a list. Be sure to check the weather forecast of the destination you are heading to, and take into consideration any activities and outings you will be doing
• always pack sunscreen, bug spray, after bite and aloe Vera. Don't forget the other important things like, Tylenol or Advil, or Pepto Bismol. Items like these can be found at destination, but often aren't cheap! For example, almost $25 for a small bottle of Sunscreen at a resort in Cancun
• always be sure to take at least one long sleeve shirt, rain / wind coat, and closed toed shoes
• electronics - be sure to bring extra batteries, chargers, or memory cards. Also check electrical outlets and adapters needed for the places you are visiting


What not to Pack
• valuable, and expensive - looking jewelry

• irreplaceable objects
• all unnecessary credit cards
• your identity card, library card or any similar items you may routinely carry in your wallet


 Before you Go
• make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after you plan to return
• alert all credit card providers of places you will be visiting, and how long you will be travelling, to reduce the risk of having your cards "frozen"
• check currencies that are used at your destination, find out what currencies are accepted, and what aren't. Be sure to research if ATM's are available, and what credit cards are accepted. Also find out if it is best to exchange currency before you go, or at destination
• make sure your family and close friends have copies of your travel itinerary and hotels you will be staying at
• avoid "bill shock" - check all international and text rates with your provider, and disable data roaming to avoid an extremely large bill upon return
• make copies of your passport details, insurance policy, visas and credit card number. Carry one in a separate place from the original, and leave a copy with someone at home
• find out if you need any new vaccinations. Some countries require foreign travellers to carry an International Certificate of Vaccination. Before you travel, check the Country Specific Information of the country you are visiting







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