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Part 2:


Q: Tynnella Jade TooToosis:  Would a wedding couple be able to use their Airmiles with a travel pack through your services?

A: Not through my agency but there are agencies who are able to book Air Miles

Q: Diane Fontaine: For destination weddings....are they considered legally wed in Canada?

A: So long as they have the correct documentation, then yes.  There are many requirements to get married in Mexico, so a lot of people opt to get married before they go and just have a SYMBOLIC ceremony in Mexico. 

Q: Brandon Ferland: What if I was planning a semi-goth themed wedding and honeymoon.

A: Could you plan a vacation through Europe, so that someone could see places rich in Gothic history?

Sure, anything is possible.  As long as the agent knows what it is that you want and how you want it to be, we would find some kind of wedding service who could make that happen.

Q: Brandie Parker: If one of the person's in the couple has a criminal record - lets say as an example DUI.  Does that limit where they can vacation?

A: Yes.. you can not enter or transfer through the USA with a criminal record. However, you would be able to fly to Mexico, Caribbean, etc. so long as the flight is direct and not via the USA

Q: Vanessa Pauls-Doell: If you are new in the wedding business what do you recommend as the best way to gain new clientele? 

A: Wedding business or Travel Business?  I am in the travel business and to gain clientele, I network, advertise, become active in the community and take full advantage of social media!

Q: Julia Herperger: What do you need to know if you're planning a destination wedding overseas?

A: You would need to know the wedding requirements of the country you plan to wed in.

Q: Terri Davies McMillan: How far in advance should you be booking venues for a summer wedding?

A: For Destination weddings, again I would say a year to a  year in a half ahead!  




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