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Trusted Saskatoon TUTORS educators share a tip on Bad Grades

Why is my child getting bad grades and what can I do about it?

Bad grades in school can be caused by any number of problem areas (and sometimes more than one). Being able to pinpoint the issue(s) is the first step to fixing it. Here’s the 8 trouble spots we notice that negatively impact learning; the good news is, we can help with every single one of them!

Eight Trouble Spots That Lead to Bad Grades

(and info to help)


1. Literacy Issues
You can’t understand test questions, homework assignments, classroom discussions, or essay-writing if your reading and writing skills aren’t up to par. Grade 3 is a pivotal year, when students should be moving from learning to read, to reading to learn. But many students reading abilities lag far behind, impacting every subject (even math).


2. Organization Issues
A messy room isn’t just an issue when company is coming over. Disorganization is one of the biggest problems for students and families, and it can show itself in many ways and contribute to many problems. Homework/supplies forgotten, test/project due dates unknown, too many activities and not enough time, binders/backpacks/lockers/bedrooms that could classify as disaster areas… all are indicative of organization issues that will cause students to struggle.

3. Communication Issues
Students not asking teachers for help, parents not speaking to teachers regularly, parents and kids not discussing school every night at home. Communication is key to success, and everyone needs to do their part.



4. Attention/Focus Issues
Daydreaming in class. Constant multitasking. Endless procrastination. It’s not so much what’s being learned that’s the problem, it’s all the things around you that are distracting you from learning! Our fast-paced, tech-driven world, with its endless supply of information at our fingertips, might actually be causing a lot of harm, as well as good.

5. Health Issues
Brains don’t work effectively if the bodies they live in aren’t healthy. Students may not have any serious health issues affecting their learning, but things like skipping breakfast, not getting outside/exercising regularly, and staying up late can drag grades down more than you might think.


6. Social/Confidence Issues
It’s hard to learn much of anything in school if you’re not comfortable being there in the first place. Students with social/confidence problems may be overly shy or introverted, feel awkward or uncomfortable, or even be bullied at school. This makes the classroom a place they want to escape, not one they want to learn in.

7. Motivation Issues
School is simply not interesting. Students may be bored with school because it’s too hard, too easy, because what they want to learn is not taught in classrooms, or they’re not really interested in learning much of anything.


8. Exam/Performance Issues
You know all the information, you’ve studied hard, but on exam day, you freeze. Some students just don’t do well on tests, and though other work may be handed in and completed well, poor performance on exam days can make grades drop drastically. Studying can then become a nightmare with anticipation of test day, and the entirety of exam time can become majorly stress-inducing for students.


They are your Trusted Saskatoon tutors and educators!



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