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Trusted Saskatoon Spa tip on Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy -Pure Beauty for Skin and Body:

Like so many people, I worry about the worry lines (and laugh lines) as I get older. I fret, but still worship the sunshine (we only get it a few months of the year here) and moisturize with the hopes that every miracle cream will, actually, perform a miracle. And the creams, try as they might, do nothing, and the only thing that flattens out is my wallet. Results? Bah. I was still waiting.

Introducing the Beauty Angel, a head-to-toe red light therapy booth. The answer for all that don’t want botox, chemical peels, or invasive treatments. Red light therapy is gentle, harmless, and comfortable.

What it is

While it looks like a stand-up tanning bed, it does NOT tan, there are no UV rays at all. The lights encased under acrylic are the only slight similarity. You push the START button, and the lights come on all around you. It’s warm, but not uncomfortable. What is more noticeable is the brightness; while the light won’t harm your eyes, it is so bright that wearing tanning goggles is encouraged. (If I’m squinting in the red light booth while trying to get rid of crow’s feet, it’s defeating the purpose.) . There are two rings overhead that you hold onto, which is why the name on the machine is “Beauty Angel”, because you have your arms spread overhead like you’re ready to take flight and conquer….I have to say, it’s so bright that I could be an angel fighting the forces of darkness.

How it works

The bright (bright) red light that you see are the wavelengths that activate our body’s own photo rejuvenation process. This is what reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, helps tighten skin, and improves the overall look.

Short term results include softer skin, more moisture, improved skin texture, and a glow. Long term results vary depending on your lifestyle, but if you are consistent, you will enjoy reduced wrinkles, faded pigment/age spots, reduced swelling around the eyes, more collagen and elastin production to show more tautened skin, and positive effects on hair and nail growth, bones and tendons. Red Light Therapy also helps combat SAD, so it has positive effects through our long winter. Take THAT, Mother Nature.

The first session, well, it seems a little weird, but by the third or fourth visit you are totally looking forward to time in that booth for a time warp, and LOVING the results. No scary chemical peels that look like the prom scene from Carrie. No injections that make your lips bigger than a muppets. Easy. Comfortable. Beautiful.



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