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Just For You Day Spa your Trusted Saskatoon Spa answer some great questions - Part 2

Owner, Jessica Tetu of Just For You Day Spa & Gift Studio, along with her team of dedicated professionals, provide a tranquil Saskatoon spa experience with over 2700 square feet of stunning spa space.

This award winning Saskatoon Spa with its laid back, warm, elegant environment offers a breadth of a truly exceptional spa experience for woman and men. Just For You Day Spa & Gift Studio offers outstanding skin and body therapies, in depth consultations and the tools & knowledge to become your own “spa therapist” at home.

Here Jess answers some great questions - Part 2:  

Q: Renee T: Are there any creams/treatments that actually fade age spots? (Besides prevention with sunscreen and avoiding the sun).

A: Prevention really is key, however, I suggest having microdermabrasion treatments done, specifically focusing on the problem areas, followed by applying a lightening serum and cream diligently at home. It is very important to remember to continue with, and always apply sunscreen or the hyper pigmented areas will quickly return and darken. Products to try: Lia Reese Brightening Apple Stem Cell Serum - $85 or Illuminating Apple Stem Cell Cream - $60. (


Q: Jennifer G: My Skin is really dry at this time of year, and no matter what I put on it, nothing helps! What are your recommendations?

A: It’s important to update your skin care regime with season changes. I would suggest a heavier cream containing Hyaluronic Acid (to encourage moisture retention), or a cream containing Vitamin C to be applied before bed, to lock in hydration and provide repair to dry or de-hydrated skin. A light hydrating cream is great during the day, followed by sunscreen (even in the winter) and avoid creams or makeup with mineral oil that prevent the skin from breathing, or contain alcohol that dries! Try & exfoliate once a week to remove dry, dead skin cells and follow with a hydrating mask to really boost the skin’s moisture levels! Products to try: Hydra + DMHE Intensive Moisturizer - $55 (with Vitamin C ), or O2 Restoring Cream - $60 (with Hyaluronic Acid) , C Factor Cream - $65 (with Vitamin C ), BHA / Enzyme Micro Polish - $80 (Once a week - Exfoliant ), & Collagen Infusion Mask - $55 (Once a week – Hydrating Treatment Mask).(


Q: Paige F: Is there anything specific we can do before and/or after a pedicure to help our feet (other than pumice stone, etc)?

A: To maintain healthy heels use a sanitized foot file after a foot soak or during a bath. Keep nails trimmed straight across to avoid ingrown toenails, and for full hydration or maintenance of the feet be sure to follow with a cream suitable for your specific concerns! (Callus, cracks, sweating feet, peeling skin, bad circulation etc). TIP *Be careful not to remove too much callus when filing, or your skin will actually produce more callus in response for protection!

When time permits, I suggest letting the pro’s take care of you! Invest in a professional pedicure service and let those sensitive feet be pampered!

Products to try: Dannyco wooden foot files $9.99 & Gehwol callus cream $21. ( (


Do you have a beauty, skin care, or spa related question? Send your questions to Jessica at! If your question get's featured in an issue of Fine LIfestyles Magazine you will receive a special gift from Jessica!


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