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Trusted Saskatoon Roofers and Exterior Experts share a tip on snow removal from roofs

Trusted Saskatoon Roofers share a tip on snow removal from roofs:

Saskatoon weather can seem a bit unpredictable. One minute it’s sunshine and warm weather. Next thing you know we’re hit with a snowstorm. Don’t let the occasional spring-like day fool you — we are still in the middle of winter. And when you consider that insurance claims for damages related to winter storms can run into the thousands, knowing how to deal with ice and snow on your roof is just smart.


 Let’s hope this never happens in Saskatoon!!


Enough snow on the wrong roof could cause it to collapse. The funny thing is that you want your roof to have snow. If the snow doesn’t melt, your attic insulation is doing its job. But if there’s too much snow and ice the roof can collapse.

Roofers can still shingle and install eavestroughs in the winter, we would clean off the snow (hey you get a free snow removal!) and then continue to install a new roof and eavestroughs! This is a great way to avoid any leaks that may occur in the spring.

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