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Tammy Wandzura a Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage Broker Expert shares a mortgage tip and some very exciting news!!

Purchasing your home is one of the biggest and most important decisions that you can make. Tammy Wandzura your Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage broker and the team at Elite Mortgage Choice  believe that buying a home should also be an exciting experience with little to NO stress. By trusting your Mortgage Broker, you are ensuring that any stress you may have had in previous encounters can be eliminated!

Tammy truly believes that all you should have to worry about is opening the door to your new home for the very first time.

Here Tammy shares some BIG NEWS and a great mortgage tip!

April Showers Bring May flowers

Doesn’t seem to be what is happening this year!
It is comical to see the posts & emails that Saskatchewan folks are sharing in regards to this winter wonderland that does not seem to be going away fast enough

The weather has definitely impacted the movement of Real Estate this Spring.

The sunshine, flowers and green grass is typically a sure bet that the real estate market is hot and fired up….with the never ending cold and snow many folks are waiting for warmer temps to start the house hunting process.

That being said we have heard recently that the well priced, solid homes listed for sale have seen multiple offers and are selling quickly!

We may have a slow start to the 2013 Spring Real Estate market- but there has never been a better time to buy with rates well below 3% on a 5 yr fixed and only 3.69% on a 10 year fixed!

Many home owners and first time home buyers are choosing the 5 year fixed giving them a solid sense of security for the next 5 years.

The 10 year fixed rate of 3.69% should not be overlooked!

Not too long ago this was the best 5 yr fixed rate!

Giving consumers 10 solid years of security knowing their rate will not change is a sound financial move.

As promised I come to you with some BIG News! 

I have recently moved locations!

I am available via the same contact methods (email, fax, phone, website) the only thing that has changed is my address

#1-511 1st Ave N Saskatoon, SK S7K 0X1

Some very exciting news that goes along with the move is that we are proud to announce that we are opening up a new furniture store on site called First Avenue Furnishings.

I have always had a passion for assisting my mortgage clients and adding value at every stop!

Exceeding Clients Expectations has been the long term goal for the past 10 years.

My love for my clients & my personal love of Design and Home Decor recently presented an opportunity!

Our new furniture store will provide Saskatoon residence new, funky, fun designs

Great Design, Great Product, Great Quality…and what we are all looking for; Great Value!
We will be carrying sectionals, couch’s, Outdoor furniture, Dining Room tables, coffee tables, accessories, Wall art and more!

No need to search in other cities or provinces…we are right around the corner and will pride ourselves in having many In Stock items that you can take home same day!

Large furniture included!

Stay tuned for Date of opening details!

Feel free to come and visit me anytime in the meantime at 1-511 1st Ave N- or give me a call at 306.933.3386 to say hello!

On the Mortgage side of things- please don’t forget to tell your friends, family and colleagues a MORTGAGE BROKER is your best option!

Recently a past client came to me with the renewal details she received from her local Big Bank.

She advised that I could share this info to remind consumers of the difference in BROKER vs BANK:
Rates at renewal were offered:
5 yr 5.24%
7 yr 3.79%

….based on my rates listed above you can see that the bank simply hoped my client would close her eyes and sign the dotted line.

Paying an additional 3%!

3% is a HUGE increase.

Once the lender found out that the client was working with a Mortgage Broker they became much much more aggressive.

My question – WHY does it take the lender knowing they are in a competitive situation to offer a current client the best product up front?

This same lender – and many lenders in Canada are offering & advertising great rates right now.

Some very close to a Mortgage Broker rate.

The decision comes down to after care customer service.

In the past 4 years we have contacted everyone in our data base and discussed their mortgage and different rate options that may be available to them.

I can guarantee that you have not received a call from your local bank asking if you would like to lower your mortgage rate?

Please consider a MORTGAGE BROKER for all your mortgage needs.

We will always work for you not the bank.

Visit my website at for all the most recent rates and up to date news!

Mortgage TIP for April 2013:

The Bank and CMHC require very specific proof of downpayment and where your downpayment comes from.

The lenders require proof of savings for 90+ days .

Keep all of your downpayment savings in ONE account.

It is much easier and requires us to ask for a lot less paperwork at approval time!

Thank you so much for your past, present and future support and referrals! 

Refer a friend (successful or not) and your name goes into our draw for a $1000.00 travel voucher.

If it becomes a successful referral you will receive a $50.00 Gift Card!

Have a great April!

Best Regards,
Tammy Wandzura
Saskatoon Mortgage Broker

Call Tammy Wandzura today at 933.3386 for all of your Saskatoon mortgage needs OR visit

Make an appointment with Tammy Wandzura at TMG, #1-511 1st Ave N or check out her listing on the SASKATOON DIRECTORY in the SASKATOON MORTGAGES Category..she is a Trusted SASKATOON MORTGAGE BROKER Expert!

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