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Trusted Saskatoon IT & Computer Systems Experts share a tip on how to open Microsoft Word or Excel Documents if they won't open

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How to open Microsoft Word or Excel Documents if they won't open:

If on Monday you cannot open your Word Documents…what are you going to do?  



Recently I received a call from a client who, for no apparent reason, could no longer open his Microsoft Word or Excel documents. He believed that each time he tried to open a document he was receiving an error message on the screen. 



What had happened?

Derek, (name have been changed to protect the innocent as always) had hit on a feature of Windows! Sometimes the operating system (XP, Windows 7 etc) forgets which program to use to open a particular kind of document. Therefore when Derek tried to open a Word document he received an error message asking him which program to use. 


How to fix:

The fix is actually quite simple. If you find yourself in the position where all or some of your files are not showing the little Microsoft Office logo which denotes which program they will open in, please do the following:

1. Right click the file. Hover over ‘Open with’, a 2nd menu should appear, select ‘Choose default program…’

2. A window should open offering you a few recommended solutions. If one of them is correct select it, TIP – at the bottom left of this window there should be a tick box ‘Always use the selected program to open this kind of file’. Please put a tick in here.
NB – If the correct program is not recommended, click on Browse and navigate to the correct program. This can be a little more tricky, if you need help then please do get in touch.

3. All your documents of this kind should now be re-associated with the correct program.

4. Repeat the task for any other faulting programs/files.

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