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In the land of the living sky… what is THE CLOUD? 


So….. The Cloud…. What is it, who uses it, should you be using it and what are the benefits?

Who uses it? The answer to this question might be a shock; everyone uses it and they have been for many years. If you have a Hotmail or Gmail account you are in fact using the cloud. Don’t believe me? Read on.

The Cloud is simply using the services of a server/computer that is not your own. Hotmail provides the services of their servers for email. This is cloud computing. This has also answered the question ‘should I be using it?’; I would say that in this day and age you don’t really have a choice. If you want to do anything on the internet you will, probably unknowingly, use Cloud Computing.


The benefits to the individual are straight forward, The Cloud provides the power without which the normal person could not achieve even the basics of email. The benefits to the business are more complex.

The common services which businesses move to the cloud are email and backups. Is it a good idea? This all depends on the business needs from IT. Backup is an easy conversation - you can ask me 100 times and each time the answer would be ‘get it in the cloud’. There is no safer and robust way to achieve the aim of saving your business should all your computers be swept away by a flood.




Email is a different matter. Access to your email from anywhere, from any device has become a necessity; this is available in The Cloud as well as your own servers. The Cloud can deliver a robust service; providers will have many servers thus providing reduced down time. However, you do not have full control of these servers so you may not be able to combine your emails with your other business tools. 


The Cloud is here to stay and probably the best solution for everyone is a mix of both on site and cloud services. The conundrum is getting the mix correct to suit you and your business. 





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