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Q: Nikki MacDonald: What's the most outlandish/oddest request you have received for a funeral service? Bonus question: do you refer to your "clients" as corpses or as the living-impaired? (lol, sorry, couldn't resist!)

We promote and encourage families to give us ideas by telling us about the person who has passed away. What were their interests, hobbies, jobs/career and what truly made this person who he/she was. This information helps our professional funeral directors create a meaningful life reflection that tells their story.

The term “corpse” is an old term that is rarely used other than in some movies. Although we do appreciate a sense of humor, we are always respectful at Hillcrest Funeral Home and will refer to deceased people by their names or as the decedent.

Q: Ann Lyte-Maille: If you prepay for your funeral and plots but then get divorced can you switch places or do you still have to spend eternity side by side?

A: This might be a more appropriate question for a lawyer but as far as I know, any property owned in a marriage is usually divided in a separation agreement. If we are speaking of a pre-paid funeral and not cemetery, they fall under a different Act, the Funeral and Cremation Services Council of Saskatchewan Act and the owner of that specific contract has the rights to that contract.

Q: M liz Beisel: Can you have a theme funeral or a home setting funeral?

A: Yes, as stated in a previous question, we guide people and offer ideas and advise to help them plan more meaningful or “theme” types of services. “An Evening to Remember” has become very popular. This type of service is usually held in our Reception Center with wine service or a full bar, with catering from as simple as appetizers to full course hot meals. These services typically include an M.C. to help keep the evening flowing, Memory Tribute Videos, and “open mic” for people to express their memories of the person and can end with a fireworks display. Our facility is unique in its’ size and location which allows us to offer services that are too difficult to handle elsewhere.

Q: Kaitlyn Mhairie Zeiler: When is the best time to start saving for your funeral, is it ever too soon?

A: This is a good question. We guarantee today’s prices for funeral home services and merchandise so the earlier you pre-pay the lower the cost because you save on any future inflation. Your money is held in trust and is always accessible to you at any time should you need it in the future.

Q: Darryl Spokes: Do you offer financing if someone dies young/ unexpectedly?

A: We can offer short term credit for special circumstances, however we are not unlike any other business that requires a cash flow therefore we do offer advice as to where funding can be obtained or make suggestions to obtain bank financing or the use of their credit card. Pre-paying for these costs could be covered by an “in-house” financing plan as the services and merchandise will not be used until the future.

Q: Deenna Dekker: Do you charge a fee per year for plots and upkeep? 

A: No, there is no fee per year for upkeep of cemetery property. By law, cemeteries must place a portion of the cost of the plot at the time of purchase, into a perpetual care fund. This fund is used for the upkeep of the cemetery after the cemetery is full. 




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