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PickNic's Catering your Trusted Saskatoon Catering and Wedding Cake Expert answers your Facebook Fan Page Questions - Part 3

What's the difference between good food and absolutely incredible dining? Fresh, quality ingredients, generous portions, imagination and creativity! From a simple catered lunch with gourmet sandwiches, to a Picknic Box for 2 for a romantic evening in, to a fabulously catered wedding or event, let Picknic's Catering and Fine Foods create something special for you!


PickNics Catering are known for their wedding cakes. Talk to the ExpertsTrusted Weddings & Events Show - Questions for Nicola - PickNic's Catering and Fine Foods 

Part 3:

Q: Courtney Mang: I know it is the bride and groom's day but food/courses are what I worry about. Not everyone has the same tastes so how do you select the right foods/courses?

A: Its always a good idea to have a few classic dishes mixed in with some slightly edgier options.  It pleases all types. Check out our menu online for a selection of both classic and modern dishes: 


Q: Sherah Mayer: Do you have vegan cakes and options?

A: We do!  We can make Vegan Vanilla, Red Velvet, Marble, Carrot or Chocolate Cake. We can prepare our buttercream with Vegan margarine and vegetable based shortenings. They can be flavoured in every flavour that our non-vegan icings are.  *Note: Due to the additional cost of some specialty ingredients, you overall cake price may be higher than the ballpark prices noted on our website.

For a proper estimate, Call us to schedule a Cake Consultation.306.343.7374! 

Q: Brenda Loehndorf-Johnson: What is a great menu for a smaller group such as a tailgate party!?

A: Check out our Party Platters and Appetizers menu – its suited for groups small and large!  


Q: Kayla Camboia: I'm planning a surprise party 30th birthday party for a friend in November. I'm wondering what a good theme and location in Saskatoon would be?

A: Please visit our Facebook page for our list of event halls that allow outside caterers.  If you are having a smaller group size, perhaps consider a penthouse suite at a hotel, for a sophisticated feel.  


Q: Jacqueline Rybchinski: For catering how far in advance do recommend planning? This is for an event for approx 25 people for an entire weekend.

A: PickNic’s Catering does not cater on Sundays (as all of our staff have families), but in general, for a group of 25 People, 3-4 days notice is perfect. 


Q: Krysta Doerksen: How far in advance do you need to book churches, halls, services like you offer etc in order to get want you want for your big day? In Saskatoon, that is, not just in general.

A: 1 Year in advance is generally safe for catering.  If it is a high-interest date, like mid-July, plan a couple months more than one full year to ensure you get the venue and service providers you have your heart set on. Wedding Cakes – we recommend 6 months in advance.  If it is a quiet time of year, like November or March, we can often accommodate a request within a couple of months.


Find PickNic's Catering and Fine Foods at 210 33rd Street West or online here- or go to their listing in Saskatoon Catering & Bakeries to read all of the wonderful things her clients had to say about PickNics.

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